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Meet Ocelote at DreamHack

Jun 17, 2012 13:46

ImageBig gaming events like the DreamHack are places where people who love games gather to have a good time together and celebrate their passion.

You love LAN parties? That's great. You love League of Legends? Well, don't we all? You are a big fan of EU SK Gaming and always wanted to meet ES Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez Santiago for a little chat or to get an autograph? Then you should definitely make sure to meet him when you visit the DreamHack.

If you ever wanted to see Ocelote live or maybe even face him mid while playing a fan game with him, this weekend might be a big opportunity for you to make this happen. Your chances of meeting Ocelote are highest around Kingston's presence at the DreamHack event.

And for all of you who won't make it to the biggest LAN party in Europe, don't be too disappointed, we got you covered. Simply check out the pictures and the recorded interview of him.
Image Image

If you want to see more pictures, click here to get to the album.

Ocelote being interviewed by our Eefje "sjokz" Depoortere

You also got the opportunity to watch Ocelote stream his games live from DreamHack, clicking here will get you to all the action.

Additionally to all of this, it's understood that we will also provide you with anything concerning coverage of all the LoL games that have been played or will be played at this great event. There's also gonna be more video coverage. Just lean back and stick around on our page to not miss one single update.

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