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DreamHack Summer: vs PAH

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Jun 17, 2012 13:36

ImageGroup A continued with the two teams who won their first matches. Who was the stronger one? Read on to find out.

The two teams came in this match with the intention to take their second win and more or less decide their fate in the group with it. Of course, only one could do it, but who was it?

Group A, Round 2 EU Team Curse EU vs EU PAH Bans – Karthus, Shen, Nocturne
PAH Bans – Urgot, Ahri, Nautilus Picks

PAH picks:

First blood was picked up by Sleper on Lounet, thanks to a gank by Malunoo. Rekkles then took a double kill in bot lane, Xinec managed to take out Lounet though. The first team fight was for PAH’s blue and they took 2 kills and the dragon, losing only one. Malunoo’s next gank was in the top lane and Angush managed to kill HyrQbot, while Kottenx went bot and helped for a kill on Xinec, before Extinkt showed up and killed Rekkles. The next team fight was for dragon and PAH won it 3 for 2, taking the dragon as well.

The action then switched to the mid lane, where first took 2 kills, followed by 2 for 1 and a push till the inhibitor fell. The game was decided in the next team fight in which Malunoo and Extinkt did tons of damage with their combined ultimates - the AP carry picking a quadra kill, and PAH surrendered.


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