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DreamHack Summer: PAH vs Millenium

By Krasimir 'fmde' Kolev
Jun 17, 2012 12:41

ImageAfter an exciting game 1 between fnatic and it was time for the other two teams in the group to play! SK-Gaming bringing you live coverage!

The second match of group A brings us two of the teams that qualified from the BYOC event yesterday: FR Millenium and EU PAH . Both teams were looking pretty solid in the first day of the event and now was the time to prove themselves!

Group A, Round 1: FR Millenium vs EU PAH

PAH bans: Singed, Nautilus, Ahri
Millenium bans: Morgana, Urgot, Nocturne

PAH picks:

Millenium picks:

The match started with no early aggression from both sides. The two teams met in mid lane and poked each other, but after that both of the junglers started their usual jungle patterns. First blood was in favor of EU PAH after a beautifully executed gank on top at level 3, giving them the upper hand. Another perfect gank by SE Markus 'kottenx' Tingvall on mid resulted in a second kill and huge psychological advantage.

After that it was a pretty one sided game, where FR Millenium were trying to defend their base and getting to that late game, hoping that Karthus and Vayne will get their chance to scale well. That however didn't happen - after 23 minutes and a kill result of 10:0, PAH decided to go in the enemy's base. A big teamfight in FR Millenium base forced them to surrender.


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