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DreamHack Summer: vs Fnatic

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Jun 17, 2012 11:46

ImageGroup A could have hardly started with a more interesting match - the two favorites to go out of the group clashed first thing in the morning.

EU Fnatic came in the tournament with a strong performance prior to it and is a fan favorite to get at least top 3. EU Team Curse EU on the other hand had some poor results in the last weeks, resulting in a top-lane change just two days before DreamHack. The stakes were high for this match and both teams wanted very much to see the "Victory" screen at the end of it.

Group A, Round 1: EU Team Curse EU vs EU Fnatic Bans - Twisted Fate, Kassadin, Nocturne
Fnatic Bans - Kayle, Ahri, Shen Picks

Fnatic Picks

First blood was taken by Extinkt on xPeke, thanks to a gank from Malunoo. Fnatic responded with a gank bot, taking a kill on Sleper and the first dragon of the game, while Malunoo was top helping Angush for sOAZ’s first death. The ganks from both junglers then continued and a couple more kills were exchanged.

The first team fight was for Fnatic’s blue. took 3 kills and a dragon there, losing no one. A minute later a gank from both junglers in bot lane ended up in Sleper and Lamia both dying. The game continued with a team fight in mid in which each team got 2 kills. The next one, though, sealed the game. Extinkt managed to get a triple kill with his ultimate, Fnatic were aced and took baron. They pushed their advantage taking inhibitor after inhibitor until they managed to take the nexus down, winning the first game of the day.


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