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Gfinity Pro League reaches its half time

By Tobias 'T0kEn_' M.
Dec 18, 2013 22:14

ImageBy finishing their third match against Aware Gaming a few days ago, the Gfinity Pro League already reaches its half time.

After SK Gaming CoD has taken two out of three possible victories, the team finds themselves on the second place in the Gfinity Pro League. As already stated, the Gfinity Pro League can be compared to the LCS in League of Legends. Six of the finest European teams compete for a total prize pool of $ 2000 and the title of "Europe's best Call of Duty" team.

On the 9th of September SK Gaming CoD was facing TCM-Gaming as their first opponent in the brand new Pro League. Before the match was actually starting it was truly clear that this won't be an easy task. TCM-Gaming definitely is one of these top three teams in Europe. In the past season, they managed to get a top three ranking at both Gfinity offline events in London and finished MLG Columbus as one of the twelve best Call of Duty teams in the world. But SK has not been redirected by these facts and put their entire focus on the upcoming match. After an exciting match and a temporary backlog of 0:2, the team managed to turn the result on a 3:2 in the "Best of 5" series. Finally, their strong performance was rewarded with a victory and additionally grants them with the first three points in the Gfinity Pro League.

Just three days later our Call of Duty team was facing another British powerhouse: Epsilon eSports. During the last season this team was not defeated for months and almost unrivaled. So once again the team tried to ignore all the rumors and previous predictions, that were made by the community. Temporarily it looked like as if SK Gaming would lose this match, after they have lost the first two maps in the series. But after an incredible comeback, the team managed to turn the result one more time and secured another three points in the Gfinity Pro League.

Both matches have been completely uploaded to YouTube!

After beating Europe's best Call of Duty teams, SK Gaming Call of Duty was facing the british underdog AWARE Gaming just a few days ago. Even in this match, the final 'Search and Destroy' round decided who would win his third Gfinity Pro League match. This time, our team has been defeated after an extremely tight last round.

For those who would like to see more SK Gaming Call of Duty action: Just head over to our YouTube channel and enjoy!

Image courtesy of Gfinity



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