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SK get Dominance

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Jun 27, 2012 13:46

ImageToday, SK Gaming can proudly announce to be back in the console scene of Call of Duty. With team Dominance, they have picked up one of the very top tier teams in Europe.

SK Gaming's console section saw an up and down since their beginning with the fusion of SK Gaming and eAxis some years ago. The peak had been reached with the last Halo team and the problems included. It was the management that decided to make a clear cut and a fresh start. This meant that many things had to be changed, especially behind the scenes. After some hard work over the past months, SK is now back in business.

UK SK Gaming Dominance
Scott 'Mak' Brass
Tobi 'Tobi' Foster
Ellis 'Blackk' Strouthos
Josh 'Joshh' Sheppard

Dominance has definitely established as one of the top teams in Call of Duty, although having been underestimated at first. Next to a 3rd place finish at Reflex GT 8, the team came out 2nd at EGL 5, in which 113 teams attended. For such results, you need an absolutely top line up like this is. SK is proud to announce them as their new team.

Team captain Scott had this to say:
"This is a fantastic opportunity, and it's something I'm sure most people will agree with doesn't come around very often. Myself and Tobi have previous history with SK and to be honest we didn't do the name proud. This time around, we have bags more experience and I can safely say we'll do everything we can to put SK's name at the top of Call of Duty."

UK Scott 'Mak' Brass

With his 23 years, Scott is one of the veterans in the business. When he looks back on his career, Mak can say that he has almost achieved everything he could have. From a career that included time in fnatic, apeX and Western Wolves to list a few of his previous organizations, that doesn't come from nothing. Scott has never finished worse than third place at any event he attended.
Nonetheless, in the eyes of the community's majority Mak and Tobi didn't belong to the top tier players in Europe for some time, but their European dominance of the EGL events proved everyone wrong again and again. Although known to make somewhat risky and unexpected calls regarding the team's line up, anyone would struggle to argue with their results. Today, Scott is the leader of the Dominance squad which he founded and which he already lead to a second place finish at EGL5 with more than 110 teams in attendance. By now, he is three times European Champion, once EGL runner up and once EGL third.

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UK Tobi 'Tobi' Foster

Tobi is the eldest in the team and a long-term mate of Scott. They've been playing together since EGL 2 where they attended under fnatic's flag. The SMG player is working really hard on the team's success and one can say that he and Mak have managed to build up top tier teams for several times now.
Dominance's success is not only formed by Mak and Tobi though. Their key is strong communication in-game as well as a familiar atmosphere in- and outside of the game. That's why Tobi is consistently motivating his mates and therewith makes sure that they all can play at their highest. As an incredibly smart all-rounder, the three times European Champion can easily fill the gaps that arise in their matches.

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UK Ellis 'Blackk' Strouthos

Ellis is the mind of the team. Being one of the few European players who have ever attended an MLG event, Blackk has collected some very important experiences and information about the American play-style. This is exactly the reason why Mak and Tobi decided to team with him. Ellis brought new ideas to the team and put the team on a completely new level as the strategic mastermind.

Another thing that Ellis achieved, but Tobi and Mak not, is the attendance at the $1Mio Call of Duty XP event. Together with the rest of the former apeX.Pro squad, they finished 5th.

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UK Josh 'Joshh' Sheppard

The newest addition to the team, Joshh, is another unexpected call by Mak and the rest of the team. Everyone expected XLNC or someone of his caliber to replace Tommey, but the choice of Josh came as a big surprise to many.

Josh has got lots of potential and is definitely an amazing player, although haven't have finished better than sixth place at any lan tournament so far. He can become one of the next biggest things, if the others manage to pull everything out of him.

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SK Gaming console manager DE Brian 'qntm' Krämer said this:
"First of all, I want to welcome our new Call of Duty team. I'm really pumped to work with such great guys and I'm looking forward on a good time, hopefully. We will leave out EGL6 in Stockholm and start with EGL7 in early August. Most likely, you can see the team at this year's Gamescom as well. So join us at the Bigben booth and our very own SK Gaming booth."


The team wants to start streaming shortly. Thus make sure you follow SK Gaming TV! There will be an SK Showmatch coming up soon in which the new SK line up will be tested for the very first time. Watch out and stay tuned!

Click here to find out what positions are available.



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