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NaJin e-mFire picked up their Sword

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Jun 14, 2012 17:58

ImageFollowing the trend that started by MiG, NaJin e-mFire forms a second team and sends Maknoon there to lead it. Both teams will compete in the Azubu LoL league preliminaries.

It's not unusual for a big organisation to form second teams. MiG organisation saw Blaze and Frost fighting for the title in the Azubu LoL spring. US Team SoloMid and US Team SoloMid EVO battled in the finals of RoG Invitational and lots of other big organisations saw both their teams shine in a big event.

KR NaJin e-mFire picked up NaJin Sword while they renamed their older team to NaJin Shield. KR Maknoon has been sent to Sword to lead the team and he is replaced by KR Expression. KR Park 'Reach' Jung-suk, a Brood War veteran, will be the coach of both teams. With Shield already qualified to Azubu LoL league, NaJin e-mFire has high expectations for its new team.

KR NaJin Shield

KR Kim 'HooN' Nam-hoon (AP Carry)
KR Lee 'Hiro' Woo-suk (AD Carry)
KR Kim 'Mokuza' Dae-woong (Jungler)
KR Chae 'vinylcat' Woo-cheul (Support)
KR Gu 'Expression' Bon-taek (Top Laner)

KR NaJin Sword

KR Kim 'Fantastic Song' Sung-soo (AP Carry)
KR Kim 'Troll Kim' Jong-in (AD Carry)
KR Cho 'watch' Jae-geol (Jungler)
KR Jang 'Nurinim' Nu-ruh (Support)
KR Yoon 'MaknooN' Ha-woonl (Top Laner)

Source: e-sports dailygame



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