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Youngbuck out, Angush in for

By Jonathan 'Rouffious' Rouffa
Jun 13, 2012 00:50 have changed toplane. Youngbuck is out and Angush is back in preparation of DreamHack Summer.

After a rather disappointing event for they have decided to change their toplane. They will be taking LT Aurimas 'Angush' Gedvilas back in for NL Joey 'YoungBuck' Steltenpool.

MLG was the event for to win some circuit points for the Season 2 Championship. They have yet to secure a decent amount of points to contest in the prestigious finale of Season 2. With Dreamhack Summer being at the door and qualifying for this event they will have another chance at some circuit points. The team hopes that with this change they will be at their best this coming weekend.

Xinec had the following statement:
"We are really sad to have to say goodbye to Youngbuck. We feel like we have to change something within the team to enhance our Season 2 Championship chances.
I'm looking forward to playing with Angush again, and I hope that we will show everyone what a great team we are.
With that being said, we really are looking for a stable lineup and hope that the team as well as Angush have moved past our differences, so that we can stay on the top for a very long time."

Angush gave the next response:
"I am really happy to come back to my former team. I am being invited back to prove myself with high expectations, and I am much more open minded than before while we all set our sights on the same goal - to win the Season 2 Championship!"

To read the full statement you can go here.

This change-up does leave TeamLess topless. They had Angush in their lineup almost right after his departure from TeamLess will keep on going though and have the following team to back it up:

NL Tom 'Metalx' Latour
NL Nisjaat 'LoordN' Joesoef
NL Erik 'Tabzz' van Helvert
DE Adrian 'Kerp' Wetekam
EE 'frogurt'

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