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Groups for DreamHack Summer 2012

By Aleksandar 'gunnero' Dimovski
Jun 12, 2012 21:31

ImageThe event's organization has announced the groups for the DH Summer 2012. The event is scheduled from June 16-18 and will take place in Jönköping, Sweden.

The event offers over $14,000 in prize money which will be paid out in cash at the end of DreamHack Summer 2012. The group stage of the event has been drawn and the tournament will start this weekend. There are going to be 2 groups featuring four teams, only waiting for the BYOC qualifier to finish in order to know the last teams for the tournament.

Group A
SE SK Gaming
PL ESC Gaming
SE WinFakt
BYOC team

Group B
SE fnatic
UA Natus Vincere
RU Moscow Five
BYOC team

The group-stage will feature a best-of-one mode, with the maps being decided by a veto-system and the top two placed teams in the groups will advance to the single-elimination bracket. The play-off will be played in a best-of-three maps. The qualifier will be played the same way as the main tournament and there will be no final in this qualifier.

The BYOC qualifier is scheduled to kick off on Saturday June 16 from 17:00 to 24:00.

Teams that will attend the BYOC qualifier:
RU zNation
BR Brasil Gaming
SE icsu
SE Coldfrag
SE a2g

Saturday, June 16:
14:00 Registration closes
17:00 BYOC qualifier group stage round one
18:00 BYOC qualifier group stage round two
19:00 BYOC qualifier group stage round three
20:00 BYOC qualifier playoffs round of 32
21:00 BYOC qualifier playoffs round of sixteen
22:00 BYOC qualifier playoffs quarter-finals
23:00 BYOC qualifier playoffs semi-finals

The main tournament will take place on June 17-18.
Sunday, June 17

09:00 Group A setup
10:00 SE SK Gaming vs. BYOC team
10:00 PL ESC Gaming vs. SE WinFakt
11:00 SE SK Gaming vs. SE WinFakt
11:00 PL ESC Gaming vs. BYOC team
12:00 SE SK Gaming vs. PL ESC Gaming
12:00 SE WinFakt vs. BYOC team

13:00 Group B setup
14:00 SE fnatic vs. BYOC team
14:00 UA Natus Vincere vs. RU Moscow Five
15:00 SE fnatic vs. RU Moscow Five
15:00 UA Natus Vincere vs. BYOC team
16:00 SE fnatic vs. UA Natus Vincere
16:00 RU Moscow Five vs. BYOC team

Monday, June 18
09:00 Semi-finals warmup
10:00 Semi-finals (Bo3)
13:00 First map of grand final
15:00 Rest of grand final


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