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Team Dynamic vs. Dignitas

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Jun 10, 2012 02:59

ImageTeam Dynamic faces the NA powerhouse Team Dignitas in a best of three series. SK keeps you updated play by play.

Game 1


US Dignitas: Olaf Riven Ryze
CA Team Dynamic: Karthus Urgot Jax


US Dignitas: Morgana, Trundle, Vladimir, Soraka, Kog Maw
CA Team Dynamic: Akali, Graves, Ahri, Dr. Mundo , Janna


CA Team Dynamic chose a lineup of assasins and their plan was laning phase dominance. Dignitas's setup on the other hand was more of team fight beast with AoE ulti combos by Morgana and Vladimir. The Canadians applied their tactics extremely well and they managed to get Akali fed. All their lanes were winning and their jungler was pretty solid. US Dignitas saw their plans failing when they realised they could not even win a 5v5 and late game was too far away to reach. US Team Dynamic finished the game early and teams quickly moved on to the second map.

Man of the map

CA Zion competely dominated all over the map with his extremely good performance with Akali and he deserves the credits.



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