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Jaedong, Flash and Bisu at MLG Anaheim

By Serge 'Greed' Shirkhodjaev
Jun 9, 2012 09:52

ImageThe southkorean StarCraft:BroodWar superstars Jaedong, Flash and Bisu come to Anaheim this weekend to play StarCraft 2! What more can you dream about? Our trial writer Clamev is here with an insight column on the subject.

As if the two tournaments at Anaheim were not already enough MLG invited 8 BroodWar players from KeSPA to play in a show tournament. While this is exciting news for everyone who switched from following BroodWar to Starcraft 2, it may have left many people wondering who these players are, what KeSPA actually is and why this tournament is so significant.

KeSPA is short for Korean Esports Association, it is responsible for broadcasting, organizing events and the player conditions. They are managing the two big esport television channels OnGameNet and had managed MBC Game before it got replaced by a music channel in January 2012.

A huge amount of crowd for you - an ordinary OSL match for Koreans.

The fact that they have a TV Channel dedicated to esports should tell you in itself how big the sponsors backing this up are. It was founded in 2000 and has since then basically controlled not only nearly all of the BroodWar competitions but also many other games as well. There have been three competitions for professional BroodWar players in South Korea that mattered.

The OSL an MSL are both individual leagues with OSL being the one with the higher prestige. While MSL together with MBC Game went away, OSL just announced that next season they will switch to StarCraft 2. Make no mistake - if you were impressed by the GSL production of their finals, the OSL, in its turn, will blow your mind.

Flash after his victory in the OSL.

The famous players are being welcomed really warm at the OSL. In this video, you can see Flash coming out of the airplane at the OSL entrance.

The other BroodWar event KeSPA is behind in South Korea is the Proleague. It is a team league, think GSTL, in which professional teams are facing off against each other. Proleague has switched this season from a BroodWar only league to a hybrid model in which the first set is played in BroodWar and the second and Ace match are played in StarCraft 2.

The players who are invited to the MLG Kespa Tournament in Anaheim are stars of the StarCraft Broodwar scene. The most famous one being the Terran player Flash, the young gentleman who got out of the airplane in the player introduction I showed you earlier.

Flash is considered a perfect StarCraft player all around - he has unmatched macro, micro and decision making. His nickname "The God" is not quite undeserved as he has a win rate of around 70% across all matchups, which is basically unheard of in Starcraft 2.

Also worth noting is that this man has made $400.000 in his pro gaming career in prize money alone, without the contract payments or hardware prizes.

The second player I would like to introduce to people not familiar with the subject is the Zerg player Jaedong, also called "The Tyrant".

Flash and Jaedong are two of the most famous rivals in the history of esports.

If you want to know all about their rivalry, you can check out a wonderful piece here on SK about Jaedong and Flash.

The third player I would like to mention is the Protoss Monster Bisu. He is not only the most handsome progamer yet, but also, called "The Revolutionist", he changed the Broodwar Protoss vs Zerg match-up forever all by himself.

The sexy Bisu. Image courtesy of an unknown user at

He is also known for coming up with new builds when people thought they have known everything and bringing the Protoss race back from a time where Zergs and Terrans dominated.

Bisu is popular for his harrased based play relying on his almost absurd multitasking.

The full list of KeSPA tournament attendees at Anaheim:

KR Min-Chul 'Soulkey' Kim
KR Yoon Hwan 'Calm' Kim
KR Byung Goo 'Stork' Song
KR Taek Yong 'Bisu' Kim
KR Myung Hoon 'Fantasy' Jung
KR Young Ho 'Flash' Lee
KR Sang Moon 'Leta' Shin
KR Jae Dong 'Jaedong' Lee

You can follow the tournament via our coverage item.



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