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MLG Open Bracket Preview

By Serge 'Greed' Shirkhodjaev
Jun 9, 2012 06:11

ImageHuK, IdrA, SelecT, Demuslim (pictured), Puma and many other magnificent players participating in the MLG Open Bracket tournament. Robert "Inz" Wylie brings you his prediction on the bracket winners.

MLG’s open bracket is the most feared tournament within a tournament StarCraft 2 players have ever seen. The open bracket is stacked with some of the best players from all around the world and with only 8 spots open to pool play the 256 players will be giving it their all to win their bracket.

At the Spring Championship MLG has decided to introduce a new format where 17 players will be seeded into round 5 of their respected brackets. This seed was gained from Spring Arena 2 for those who weren’t able to claim a spot in Pool Play.

The open bracket is about to get underway at MLG so here are my thoughts on who I think will make it through the open bracket.

Inz's prediction on 8 players that will make it out of the open bracket:

US Gregory 'IdrA' Fields
KR Kyu Jong 'Clide' Han
UK Benjamin 'Demuslim' Baker
KR Kyeong Hyun 'SelecT' Ryoo
CA Chris 'HuK' Loranger
KR Lee-Seok 'aLive' Han
SE Kim 'SaSe' Hammar
NL Joseph 'ret' de Kroon

IdrA is one of the most talked about foreigners in StarCraft 2, at the moment he hasn’t been performing well at all. After bombing out of Spring Arena 2 without winning a map it’s time for IdrA to step up and show why he was considered one of the best players at this game. MLG is the proving ground for many players to make a statement and I think this time around IdrA will silence the haters.

IdrA expected to shine at MLG Open Bracket.

The former code S Terran player Clide is now making his debut at MLG. He is well known from the early stages of the game, he has been away from the public eye for a long time and many people don't expect much from him. Clide will make it into pool play and will deliver quite a few upsets!

Demuslim has been a victim of many unfortunate circumstances prior to MLG. He hasn’t had his opportunity to shine on the big stage. This time around, however, Demuslim is in amazing shape and nothing is stopping him. The Spring Championship will be his best performance yet and I feel he’s a top contender not only to make it through the open bracket but to finish high in his group.

The Korean Terran Select is my next choice. Although he has remained rather silent in the scene for a while now he's definitely someone who can pick apart any opponent put in front of him. With the incredible multi-tasking that he's known for I feel he will win his bracket and advance to Pool play where given a lucky group he could place rather high on championship Sunday.

Huk has been training hard in Korea for some time, he’s proven time after time that he can compete with the best and always shows up ready for MLG. With his advantage being seeded into the 5th round I see him easily making it into pool play and possibly topping his group.

The wonder Protoss is here again and serious!

Winner of IGN Pro League Season 4 Alive finds himself with a mountain to climb starting in round 1 of the open bracket. But the Korean Terran has proven he can overcome the biggest challenges taking out Squirtle who many consider to be the best Protoss in the world to take his biggest offline accomplishment so far. Alive should have no problem getting through the open bracket but he may face a bigger challenge in pool play.

It’s apparent that Korean players are quickly taking over MLG but if anyone can stop them it’s SaSe. The Swedish Protoss has shown incredible innovation and stumped many of the top Koreans. Although yet to have his breakout performance at MLG I feel he should have an easy time getting through the open bracket and into pool play where his practice in Korea will start to show itself.

SaSe - always stable, always calm. Swedish Protoss at his best.

The last spot in pool play I’ll give to Ret. He’s a promising foreigner who is known for his insane macro style. Ret should have no problem making it through the open bracket but he may face some trouble depending on which group he makes it into as he has yet to prove himself against some of the top Koreans.

The open bracket is guaranteed to be action packed with so many top players competing so make sure you tune in tonight and on Saturday.

Those are my predictions, who do you think will make it through the legendary open bracket and make their way into pool play? Write in the comments!



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