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On Site Coverage from MLG Anaheim, 2012

By Alex 'Faerum' Noether
Jun 8, 2012 23:54

ImageOn site coverage live and in real time from the Anaheim Convention Center, MLG 2012, Anaheim, California. Exclusively for SK Gaming.

Me: Is this Heaven?
God: No my son, it's southern California. Welcome to MLG Anaheim!

It is now five minutes until the opening of the doors. The excitement is absolutely palpable. Restless murmurs are turning into full on cheers. The line has now grown to occupy two floors, and unfortunately for me I'm not in it yet. Oh the sacrifices we make to bring you live coverage!

This is my first time attending any sort of eSport event and the atmosphere is just incredible. There's a huge sea of people, tripods, cameras, flashes, and best of all team jersies. My hairs are standing on end just from being here. My palms are sweaty and my heart is racing, and I'm not even in the event.

As I parked my car I managed to run into Team Dynamic in the garage. This will be their second major LAN. These under dogs are the youngest kids participating. They told me not one of them is over 18. I asked how they hope to do. The response was a modest hope to place in the top 4. Personally, I hope they place top 3. Their story is an encouragement to every young digital athlete. Next year this could be you.

I also managed to run into Chaox, who with a troll face grin responded affirmatively when I asked if he expected to win. TSM fanboys rejoice!

Dyrus and Unstoppable

Not long after, I found Dyrus, who is a giant in person by the way. He feels strong about their team but also told me it would be a mistake to underestimate CLG.Eu. He believes Wickd to be in the top two solo top spot from Europe and doesn't deny that CLG.Eu could take the trophy if left unchecked.

Me and SK

And of course SK Gaming in the HAUS! Rouffious, they wish you were here!

SK Kev1n and Riot aBhorsen

Keep your eyes on the stream here
Or check out our live Coverage at Storify

Give us your comments and predictions. Will the upstart Dynamic make a splash? Will Counter Logic be able to maintain under the pressure with their new line up? Or can we expect TSM to continue their streak of domination and take it all, or will Dyrus' omen come true with CLG.Eu taking the win?



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