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Spring promotion tournament - SK, CW and KMT advance

By Philipp 'Phil122' Neubauer
Dec 17, 2013 22:29

ImageSK Gaming won against SUPA HOT CREW and will now play in Season 2014 spring split of LCS. Also KMT and Copenhagen Wolves secure their spots, more and less surprising.

Last weekend, the EU LCS Promotion Tournament took place at the new studios in Cologne, alongside the "Battle of the Atlantic". Three teams had to be found for the open slots of the Season 2014 spring split in which we will also see EU Fnatic , EU Alliance and Co.

Copenhagen Wolves vs. Meet Your Makers 3-1

On the first day the EU Copenhagen Wolves faced PL MeetYourMakers in the first Bo5 of the weekend. After a 50 minute first game that went back and forth MYM pulled out the first win of the series. After this, the Wolves showed why they went through the challenger stage so easily. With three, pretty much one sided matches, they turned the 0-1 around and kicked MYM out of the LCS with a final score of 3-1. The high amount of individual skill, combined with the teamplay dominated MYM in the subsequent games and will be frightening for every team in the EU LCS.

SUPA HOT CREW vs. SK Gaming 2-3

It was go hard or go home for EU SK Gaming against the EU SUPA HOT CREW XD last weekend. SK looked very good going into this matchup winning the Dreamhack Winter tournament and advancing into the final of the WePlay Invitational the week before with a decisive 3-0 against EU The RED . Nevertheless, everyone knew that SHC is strong and that this is going to be a challenging Bo5.

The first game started good for SK, getting first blood after a few minutes and trying to snowball the game with it. Unfortunately, SE Mimer 'Mimer' Ahlström (Shyvana) got pretty fed early on and was so present in team fights that SK couldn´t find the right way to handle him properly. DK Jesse 'Jesiz' Le (Zed) felt a bit lost from the point where BE Amaury 'Moopz' Minguerche (Orianna) had his Zhonyas completed and the only target he was able to attack effectively was FR Haïdar 'Haydal' Mezidi (Ezreal). The decision for SK was DE Adrian 'Candy Panda' Wübbelmann (Sivir) to start split pushing. During a baron dance SK had a 4v5 while Candy Panda splitpushed and got one nexus turret from it! Regrettably the rest of his team got engaged on and they lost the fight. After this, SK looked for team fights over and over again, even though, they had a weaker team fight composition than SHC. After all these good team fights, SHC took the first win of the series.

In the second game, Moopz got his Orianna again, which was a big mistake.
As the second blue buff spawned for SK, the problems began. SHC 4-man invaded it, taking the buff, first blood and a dragon afterwards. The same scheme was executed 5 minutes later with the blue buff invade once again but this time, SK turned on Moopz to pick up their first kill of the game. In the further course SK stayed a bit too long, attacking the mid outer turret and giving two kills over to SHC. Haydal (Lucian) came out big out of all these skirmishes and was a huge threat. The battle of the buffs continued and SHC was successful with this strategy until the 31st minute where Jesiz (Gragas) got his first blue buff in the game. In the process, SK sieged the first middle turret but it turned out very badly. SHC chased them all over the midlane to their base turret with Mimer (Renekton) coming from behind, shredding the health bars of SK. After a 4v4 fight in SK's top jungle, SHC came out ahead and SK agreed to surrender. SK had their backs to the wall.

The third and maybe final game for SK started with a good pick&ban phase where they got Orianna and Dr. Mundo and only gave the half dragon to Mimer.
You could feel that Jesiz felt way more comfortable on Orianna than on Zed and Gragas in the previous games. A good bait by UK Simon 'fredy122' Payne (Mundo) at their blue buff set up two kills for SK which got things started. SHC equalized the gold disadvantage with a dragon. With a good countergank by Jesiz at the bottom lane, he secured a double kill which made him huge. The botlane was the favorite spot for both junglers in this game. DK Dennis 'Svenskeren' Johnsen (Evelynn) and UK Matthew 'Impaler' Taylor (Elise) both looked for fights over and over again. Svenskeren came out ahead pretty much every time. Meanwhile freddy122 got so fed on top lane that he was a huge and almost unkillable threat in team fights. In the 30th minute, SK looked for a fight at the enemy blue buff and came out ahead with 2 kills for Candy Panda.
The difference between this game and the previous was, that SK was able to get objectives from their kills what gave them their first victory of the series.

SK took their momentum into the fourth game. With another good pick&ban phase, which secured them Shyvana, Mundo and Ziggs for Jesiz, the chances were good to even out the score.
It was a slow paced game in the beginning where both teams didn't want to give their opponent any kind of advantage. The CC chain of DE Patrick 'Nyph' Funke (Annie) and CandyPanda (Jinx) was too good for FR Maxime 'Migxa' Poinssot (Zyra) and they singled him out 2 times in a row. With a huge flash-Tibbers at the dragon pit, chained with a beautiful Ziggs ultimate, SK secured 4 kills for none and the dragon in process. The beefy frontline with Dr.Mundo and Shyvana, combined with the huge damage potential of Ziggs, Annie and Jinx melted SHC in every single team fight. With a 4-1 in favor of SK around the baron pit, the game was pretty much over for SHC. The gold lead was way too big and SK simply ran into SHC's base, took two inhibitors and won the game.

The final match started and SK already did a great job, evening out a 0-2. The last two games showed the real face of the team. They controlled the pace of the game, making plays in the bottom lane to get Candy Panda fed and secured objectives by that.
As in the previous games, SK had an exceptionally good pick&ban phase getting Ziggs, Jinx and Dr.Mundo again! This might be the mistake SHC made, giving those champions to SK for only a Shyvana and an Orianna.
With a good cc chain of Nyph's Leona and CandyPanda's Jinx, they secured 2 kills from a 3v3 and a dragon in the process. An attentive Jesiz, catching Impaler in their own jungle, made the game even harder for SHC. In the 14th minute, SK pretty much copied the move that led to first blood and earned three kills for one. A few minutes later, the dragon dance started off. With an extraordinarily engage on Moopz (Orianna), which caught him off guard, they chased SHC through their bottom jungle to pick up the clean ace at the 17th minute and again, the dragon afterwards. SK created a huge 10k gold lead at the 20th minute mark. Four minutes later they picked off Moopz again in the midlane thanks to a good engage by Nyph, making it easy for Jesiz to land his full combo. After this, they secured the baron pretty much uncontested. With a four for nothing under the bottom inhibitor turret of SHC, SK won the game and showed how they are able to perform under pressure.

SK did, what no one expected after the first two games. CandyPanda stepped up his game, moving from Sivir in the first two games to champions he actually had an impact with. Sure he was kind of fed in the first two games but he didn't have a game changing influence in those. Same for Jesiz: He didn't looked comfortable with Gragas and Zed (Orianna's Zhonyas pretty much denied him). The last three games SK simply picked what they are good at and what they felt comfortable with and this was the deciding factor.

Kiedys Mialem Team vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-0

The last game of the weekend was between the newly formed roster of EU Ninjas in Pyjamas dueling the Polish PL Kiedyś Miałem Team . NIP were the favorites in this matchup. NO Erlend 'Nukeduck' Holm, ES Alfonso 'Mithy' Aguirre Rodriguez and DK Morten 'Zorozero' Lyng Rosenquist left the EU Lemondogs after worlds to join NIP. Leaving their secured spot behind to play with another organisation in the promotion was a risk they all new they are taking. The prominent roster played against the full Polish team but didn't quite have a good start. Surprisingly enough, KMT looked very strong throughout all the games. Not like most of the challenger teams they didn't rush for kills or go for crazy plays all over the map. They looked like having a defined match plan, taking objective over kills and controlling the game pace with this.

Season 2014 Spring Split participants

EU Fnatic
EU Lemondogs
RU Gambit Gaming
EU Alliance
EU Team Alternate
EU Copenhagen Wolves
EU SK Gaming
PL Kiedys Mialem Team



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