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In depth GP10 Study for AP Carries - Graphs, Tables and Video

By Matthew 'WhatTheMoose' McDermott
Jun 8, 2012 17:03

ImageAfter experimenting in solo queue at 2K and semi-competetive play, I wanted to work on a study to see if GP10 runes and items are viable mid lane. I decided to look into the in game gold value of common seals and quints for AP carries. From this I looked into how long it would take to earn the same amount of gold if you replaced you seals and quints with GP10 seals and quints. The results were very interesting.

Hopefully I can persuade you that using gold per 10 runes mid is very beneficial. We all know how viable they are on supports, sometimes supports are able to run the seals as well as quints, whereas in certain lane match-ups they are forced to run armour yellows. In top lane it is extremely difficult to swap out any runes as the early laning phase is largely based on trading with the enemy and also top lane is the most commonly ganked lane.

Without further delay feel free to check out this video explaining the benefits of running certain combinations of GP10's with some clips from ranked and normal games. Enjoy it and don't forget to check out the data below.

Before we check out the data, I want to explain that all data is experimental data recorded on Summoners Rift, with a base rate of 13 gold generated per 10 seconds.

All data was validated against predictions made using calculations with base gold generation rates.

In the tables and graphs detailing total gold the 475 starting gold is included in the figures, as well as any gold used to purchase gold per 10's. (765 Gold in each case Kage's Lucky Pick)

*All gold per 10's were purchased at exactly 5:15, the average time to farm enough gold after boots and 3 pots to purchase Kages Lucky Pick (Allowing time for missed CS and possible ganks, not accounting for global gold, kills or assists).

All values may vary by +/- 5 gold. Gold accumulation does not occur until 1:30. Masteries does not include bonus starting gold.


This table accounts for 16 variables, showing total gold accumulated purely through gold generation.

As mentioned before, I did some research into common quints and seals and where possible compared them to an item in game to work out their gold value.

Common Seals
13 Armour = 216 g (Cloth Armour 300g)
175 HP (Lv 18) = 461 g Lv 18 (Ruby Crystal 475g)
16.2 AP (Lv 18) = 352.35 g (Amplifying Tome 435g)
11 Mana Regen/5 (Lv 18) = 480g (Meki pendant 390 + Faerie Charm 180 + 10g)

Common Quints
15 Flat AP = 326.25 g (Amplifying Tome 435g)
4.5 Movement Speed = N/A
6 Spell Vamp = N/A
6.54 Magic Pen = N/A

*All level 18 runes gold value should be divided by 2, as the displayed value is the runes value at 18, we are looking to replace their benefit from levels 6-9,
**N/A means no direct equivalent in game/largely irreplacable.

As mentioned in the video some runes are completely necessary on certain champions for example, move speed quints are essential on Twisted Fate or you may have to use armour seals against a Talon or Urgot mid when counterpicked. As well as the fact that some runes dont have an equivalent gold value in game. Further to this I am aware of the benefit of Per Level Runes late game when you have a complete item build, however for the purposes of the study I assumed that kills and assists where distributed evenly between carries and a full item build would not be achieved until past the 45 minute mark.

So looking at data from the table:

With ONLY GP10 seals, it takes 15 minutes to accumulate the bonus 200g to purchase an item of equivalant effect to the most common seals. (Variables 1 and 9)

With quints and seals, it takes 7 minutes to earn the bonus 200g, however you must conisder earning a further bonus 200g to buy an item with similar stats of your previous quints and seals. (Variables 1 and 5)

After 40 minutes in game with purely seals, you will have accumulated over 500 bonus gold than you would have without the seals. (Variables 1 and 9)

After 40 minutes in game with just GP10 quints and seals you will have earned over 1,500 bonuse gold. (Variables 1 and 5)

Further to this passive gold generation in "farm mode" you should be looking at around 37 minions after 5 minutes in game, 101 minions after 10 minuted in game and around 126 minions for every 10 minute period to follow.

Taking a look at some the variables graphically:


The reason the relationship isn't completely linear over the 40 minutes is due to the fact gold generation doesnt begin until 1:30.

However, we can clearly see the benefit of running either seals or quints, over none at all; and a massive gold benefit in the unlikely case of running both seals and quints. It depends largely on your playstyle and whether you can sacrifice the benefits of your seals and quints while you gain the gold; as well as the champion that you play. It is definately something to consider on champions that roam a lot or struggle farming in match ups such as Leblanc Vs Galio. It is obvious Galio will be extremely far ahead on CS, but with the availability to roam and the extra gold generated through runes and item(s) you may be able to keep up.

Taking this further with the addition of picking up an early gold per 10. (It's common to pick up an early Kage's Lucky Pick in the cases of champions that roam a lot or lack burst damage to upgrade to Deathfire Grasp)

Lets revisit Table 1 and take a look at Graph 2 to analyse the benefits of picking up an early GP10.


When comparing figures one and two, it immediately becomes apparent that the addition of an early GP10 more than doubles bonus gold generated after 40 minutes.

Putting this into words:

After 40 minutes in game with GP10 seals and a GP10 item, you will have earned a bonus 1500 gold. (Variables 1 and 10)

After 40 minutes in game with GP10 quints seals and a GP10 item, you will have generated a bonus 2700 gold. (Variables 1 and 6)

With GP10 seals and one GP10 item it takes 9 minutes to earn the bonus 200g. (Variables 1 and 10)

With GP10 quints and seals with one GP10 item it takes 7 minutes to earn the bonus 200g and 10 minutes to accumulate an extra 400g. (Variables 1 and 6)

*However as the gold values with GP10's include the 765 gold for the Kage's Lucky Pick you may not have the extra funds available unless you sell it.

Kage's Lucky Pick sells for 383g, it takes 12:42 minutes from purchasing it to earn enough gold to sell the GP10 and make a profit. However, in most cases it is advisable to upgrade the item after 25 minutes 30 seconds (Breaking Even) rather than sell it where possible.

That being said:

With GP10 seals and one GP10 item and subtracting the GP10 gold (not selling it) it takes 22 minutes to have the extra 200 gold available to spend. However you will have generated a lot more overall. (Variables 1 and 10)

With GP 10 seals, quints and one GP10 item after subtracting the (765g for the GP10) it takes 12 minutes to have the extra 200 gold available (to replace either quints or seals) and just over 20 minutes in games to have 400g available to spend. (Variables 1 and 6)

I also calculated the total cost of an average TF build and compared it to values of gold generated without kills, assists and global gold. Most other AP carry builds would be arround the same price. I took into account wards, orcacles, pots, exlixirs and selling dorans at 50% of their price.

Magic Pen Boots (1100) + 2 Blue Elixir's (400) + 4 Wards (300) + 3 Pots (105) + (Oracle (400) + 2 Dorans Sold at 50% price rounded in game to (474) = 2777

Lich Bane (3470) + Deathcap (3600) + Void Staff (2295) + Deathfire Grasp (2600)= 11965

+ Either Wota (2500) or Banshees (2715) or Rylais (3105) or GA (2600) each roughly 3k.

2672+11965+3000 = 17742 G

So comparing that value with variable 6 on table 1, you will have generated 5739 gold after 40 minutes, 1/3 of the value for a complete build, still not including champion kills and assists, CS and any global gold. Which in my opinion is incredible.

1/3 PURELY of a complete build through passive gold generation after 40 minutes, highlights that GP10's are definately worth looking into.


The final table puts simply, how much gold you will generate per time frame with each variable. You could choose to become familiar with these values to use in while playing or use them for your own calculations. The reason these values differ slightly from previously mentioned values is the fact that gold generation doesn't start until 1:30, all previous mentions relate to time in game and not timeframe, as well as the fact previous data was recorded experimentally.


To summarise, I most certainly encourage you to experiment with various GP10 combinations when playing mid. Competetive players such as Alex Ich and Dyrus have GP10 AP pages with more and more Pro players and especially Korean Teams warming towards the idea.

Use the data as you like and take my opinions for what they are so you can make your own conclusions.

I personally think that if you are able to run GP10's and the enemy mid lane doesn't it really puts you at a huge advantage and can set early teamfights at drakes and towers as well as giving you an item advantage to zone your mid lane. You will be able to force Nashor fights earlier in the game as you should be ahead on gold and items (indirectly from this you should also be ahead level wise)

It allows you to spend more time attempting ganks with a higher risk of failure that you otherwise wouldn't as you would lose too much farm. However, you cannot rely on GP10's purely for income and you will need to keep up with as much farm as possible and where possible try ganks with a high sucess rate unless the lane really needs help.

Furthermore you will be able to keep up more wards and elixirs throughout the game (although personally I would save elixirs until teamfights).

You have to be aware of which champions run runes that are largely irreplacable and you must be aware of when you MUST run certain runes in some match-ups.

Finally the best piece of advice I can give is, try running combinations in game that you think might suit your playstyle in correspondance with the champion you are playing and see if you can notice a benefit.

I hope you enjoyed this study and found it useful.

If you could please check out my YouTube Channel for more advanced guides. Feel free to like and follow me on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date.

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