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eSrael wins BECSL II

By Aleksandar 'gunnero' Dimovski
Jun 6, 2012 17:56

ImageeSrael won the Balkan Counter-Strike League II, held online. They defeated Anexis in the winner's bracket finals with a score of 2-0 and gained the $874 cash prize.

The grand final was played on de_inferno and de_tuscan.

de_inferno: The first half easily went to DK Wikipediots who were playing on the CT side. In the second half, DK Anexis tried to come back, but got stopped and lost the map with the score of 16-12 in eSrael Gaming's favor.

de_tuscan: Tuscan wasn't much different from inferno. eSrael Gaming started on the CT side and kept a stable performance during the whole first half. In the second half they won the pistol round and gave Anexis eSports a little hope, but the latter couldn't keep up the fight and lost the second map with a total score of 16-6.

eSrael Gaming Denmark vs Anexis eSports
de_inferno (16-12)
de_tuscan (16-6)

BECSL II final standings:
1. DK Wikipediots - $874
2. DK Anexis - $249
3. FR e2g - $124

Team line-ups:
DK Wikipediots (turkizh, coloN, ArcadioN, Xyp9x, trace)
DK Anexis (BERRY, Nuggi, LOMME, zanoj, Snappi)
FR e2g (atLaNtis, mshz, drizzer, nota, KIOSHIMA)


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