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PES: German Masters this weekend, 2 SK Players qualified

By Patrick 'Pad93' Strack
Jun 6, 2012 17:14

ImageAfter Frankfurt 2010 and Medebach 2011 the German Masters 2012 will be hosted at the capitol city of Germany: Berlin.

Over 20 players reached the final round and will face against each other about at the German Masters, which will be hosted at the Best Western Grand City Hotel, Berlin.

The tourney will start with a group stage on Saturday. 2 groups of 10 players will play against each other. The players who finish in the top 4 in the group stage will reach the Knock Out stage of the tournament. Every loss in this phase spells the end of a player's tournament run. The winner of the last tournament, Dennis Winkler, reached the finals and is considered one of the favourites to win the title.

SK's own PES Pro's Christian 'Cristiano811' Sprengel and Sven 'S-Butcher' Wehmeier have reached the final via online qualification. We have conducted a little interview with both players, which you can find below.

The German Masters will be held at the Best Western Grand City Hotel in Berlin where you will arrive on Friday. How does your schedule look?

Christian: I will arrive on Friday via train, where the hoster of the tournament organised a little PES 2on2 Fun Cup. On Saturday the tourney will start around 10 o'clock. On Sunday I will travel back home.

Sven: Because of a family celebration I'm going to take a train around 5 a.m. on Saturday, so I will arrive at the hotel when the tourney will start.

Berlin is the capitol city of Germany, and with a population of over 6 million, the biggest. Will you take some time to visit the city? Which activities do you have planned?

Both: Of course we will watch the match: Germany against Portugal on evening. After that we will check out some clubs & bars and have some drinks. On Sunday morning we both will take the train back to our home.

You both reached the final via the online qualification. Why and how ?

Christian: Offline I had not so much luck, instead online I played very strong and reached the final about the online ranking. Konami hosted 9 tourney and I won 3 of them. Only the 3 best tourneys of each player flowed into the ranking, the online qualification was no problem for me.

Sven: Because of problems with the appointments of the tourneys, I could only play one of them, where I reached the 2nd place. But I reached the German Masters because of the confident wins at the PES Elite League, where the best 20 German PES player face each other.

Last year only Christian reached the final. Now 2 SK players are playing for the win of the German Masters 2012. Do you have a special aim for this tournament?

Christian: OF course it is nice that we both reached the final. This is my 4th participation in a row, so my aims are very high, but the result of the tourney is addicted from my personal accomplishment on Saturday and also a little bit luck. If Sven has got a good day, he can also win the tournament.

Sven: I think we both have got the skill to reach a very high placement. In the end bits and bobs and the luck will decide which participant will win the tournament. My aim is to reach the top 8, but I often showed in the past that I can win such tourney and I hope that I can use this experience to win the German Masters.

Thank you for this little interview and good luck at Berlin!

The Full List of Finalists:

Carsten Wegge
Christian Sprengel
Dennis Winkler
Eren Kayman
Erhan Kayman
Georgios Kalpakidis
Gökan Ayas
Jan Berendt
Lennart Albrecht
Matthias Winkler
Mehmet Dalar
Mete Cavusoglu
Mike Linden
Pejam Zenali
Sascha Wiesner
Serdar Ucar
Stefanos Karatalidis
Sven Wehmeier
Thorben Winter
Tobias Stelzl



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