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Fnatic officially announces sOAZ

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Jun 5, 2012 16:54

ImageQuickly after the departure of Shushei, Fnatic welcomes their new top laner. Former aAa member sOAZ is now a part of the Fnatic organisation.

Line-up changes are the scene's bread and butter and Fnatic is not an exception anymore. They were able to keep the same line-up for a long time, but have now parted ways with Shushei for various reasons.

Not even twenty-four hours after this announcement Fnatic welcomes their newest team member: sOAZ. The toplaner has already played with his new team in the in2LoL tournament, but will be making his official debut at MLG Anaheim. After that he will spend a few days in Sweden, practicing for Dreamhack.

Here are some statements from sOAZ himself, the team, and the manager of Fnatic:

FR Paul "sOAZ" Boyer:

"Hi everybody, first of all i'd like to thank Fnatic for believing in me.
An era has ended within Fnatic and now a new one is starting. I know some people will not like me, or might not accept me. It will be be extremely hard for me to replace Shushei but i'm going to do everything i can to be a part of the team and not disappoint them.

Since yellowstar and nrated left aAa, I lost quite some motivation, but after playing with FnaticRC i enjoy playing again and I have found my motivation once again.

I'm really happy to take part in MLG and DreamHack, we haven't played that much together yet but I think we have our chances for MLG and even more so for DH since we are going to bootcamp a couple of days before this event.

We are extremely motivated for all the upcoming competitions and hope to win new titles for Fnatic!"

ES Enrique "xPeke" C. Martinez:

"Welcome to sOAZ to the team, at the moment we have only played for a few days but we know him for a long time already and we know he is able to perform good online and offline. Now it's just about time to get used to play together and I'm sure in the future we will be on top again. Thanks to all our sponsors for making this possible."

FI Lauri "Cyanide" Happonen:

"I'm excited about picking up Soaz, but the time couldn't be worse; just before a major event. I believe we can do okay at MLG, and we are heading straight to a bootcamp after it and I hope we can get used to our new top laner there and perform well at Dreamhack."

GB Harry Wiggett - Manager:

"I am very excited to welcome sOAZ to the squad. I think this team now has the potential to get back on top. sOAZ is a fantastic player and has the dedication that we've been looking for. I'd like to take this time to tell the community that we are doing what's right for the team. We hope you respect this and continue supporting us. This decision is for the long-run, we are not expecting to the the best straight away, it's going to be a lot of hard work, which we are ready for. Fnatic fighting!"

EU Fnatic's new lineup:

FR Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer
FI Lauri "Cyanide" Happonen
ES Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martinez
DE Patrick "Pheilox" Walpuski
DE Manuel "LaMia" Mildenberger

DE Peter "Mellisan" Meisrimel (Inactive)

Source: Fnatic



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