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TSM wins RoG Invitational

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
Jun 4, 2012 13:20

ImageAfter three days of action, Team SoloMid managed to take the title home along with the prize of 10,000$. The NA powerhouse beated the newest member of the SoloMid family, TSM.Evo, in the finals with 2-1 written on the scoreboard.

US TSM.Evo showed great potential after beating EU Teamless, 2-0 and EU, with the same score in Day 1. In Day 2, they lost with a 2-0 score to TSM.Prime, but they had gathered enough points to play in the finals. On the other hand, US TSM.Prime, destroyed going 2-0, with a strong performance in the second game, concluding Day 1. Day 2 found TSM.Prime beating Teamless with 2-0 and as it is mentioned above, TSM.Evo, with the same score.

With the two teams destroying (almost) everything in their way to the grand finals, we were expecting a clash of titans - and that's what we got. The tension between them was rising with each game. TSM.Prime managed to take the first game even though they gave away 4 kills in a level 1 fight, but TSM.Evo fought back and won the second one. In the third map TSM.Prime steped up their game once more, showing the world that old school never dies and lifted the trophy.

Cash Prize:

US Team SoloMid - 10.000$
US Team SoloMid EVO - 5.000$
EU Teamless - 3.000$
EU Team Curse EU - 2.000$

Source: Reign of Gaming



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