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Curse picks up European team!

By Jonathan 'Rouffious' Rouffa
Jun 2, 2012 00:55

ImageAnother huge change in the European scene with Curse gaming picking up Absolute Legends as their euro-counterparts. exHCL will now fight under the AL banner.

US Team Curse have recently been in the spotlight due to the North American shuffle, where they lost US Crumbzz, but gained US SaintVicious.

Today, they go even further and pick up a whole new team to play in Europe: Absolute Legends.

SK had the privilege of getting a short statement from LT Extinkt:

"We are all really happy about moving to Curse as their European squad. Curse is a really big and respected company so we are really excited to represent them in many upcoming tournaments, online and offline. We have been doing really well recently and we plan on bringing the Season 2 championship home!"

US Steve 'LiQuiD112' A., the American counterpart of BG Tomislav 'flyy' Mihailov had the following to say:

"We're really excited about the new Curse.EU team. We have all the confidence that they will be in the running for the massive prize pool for season 2 championships. They are a hard working team and look forward to working with them. "

The current line-up is:

LT Vytautas 'extinkt' Mėlinauskas
LT Algirdas 'Sleper' Saliamonas
SE Tobias 'Malunoo' Magnusson
DK Andreas 'Xinec' Krogsbøll
NL Joey 'YoungBuck' Steltenpool

We here at SK wish the team the best of luck in their new home!

What's that you say? What about Absolute Legends themselves? Well they have decided to pick up PL exHCL. After a strong performance the last few weeks, qualifying for Dreamhack among others, they can continue their streak under a new banner.

Here's PL Fryderyk 'Veggie' Koziol's thoughts on this evolution:

"As of today we'll officially be a part of AL as their League of Legends team. This is a great chance for us to keep on playing at the highest level possible and expand the AL community at the same time.

We know that expectations are high, as the previous team was definitely a top eu formation. Our first major test will be at Dreamhack and later at the circuit event in Poland. We hope that our partnership will be mutually beneficial. Remember to cheer for us in future tournaments! "

You can find his full statement here.

Current line-up for

PL Paweł 'Celaver' Koprianiuk
PL Łukasz 'Puki Style' Zygmunciak
PL Fryderyk 'Veggie' Kozioł
PL Piotr 'SuperAZE' Prokop
PL Mateusz 'Kikis' Szkudlarek

Of course good luck to the new team as well!

Source: Absolute Legends



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