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Valve reveals plans for Dota 2

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jun 1, 2012 04:45

ImageIn a massive overhaul, Valve has revealed their long-term plans, introduced new features and re-aligned the entire network for Dota 2.

Valve Corporation has now revealed their long-term plans for their upcoming action real-time strategy blockbuster, namely that Dota 2 will in fact be free-to-play. Unlike Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends, heroes will not be a bought and paid for commodity, but rather features available for every all-pick game. Dota 2 will now monetize, however, with the Dota Store. Cosmetic items, such as custom skins that have no influence on gameplay will be available for purchase. Aside from creations provided by Valve, players will be able to contribute to the game via the Steam Workshop, which is a service that allows for designers to submit their creations for review by Valve and if successful, a percentage of the sales will be given to said designers.

In conjunction with the newly-released Dota store, Valve has also taken the liberty of improving the networking and layout of the Dota franchise. The website has been recreated in a theme consistent with the layout incorporated last week, with the cobblestone background replaced with less cosmetic features. The postings on the website have been divided between the pre-existing blog postings and the weekly update log. In addition, a top bar and side bar have been added, for improved navigation to the Dota Store, Steam Workshop and PlayDota forums.

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