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SK hosts Female Showmatch: ViVA vs. FOURPL4Y

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
May 29, 2012 22:19

ImageThe next SK Gaming Showmatch is going to be a very special one. With ViVA and FOURPL4Y we have found two female teams that will play each other in another showmatch hosted by SK Gaming.

There are only a few female gamers in the e-Sport scene but we have managed to find two of them that are willing to compete in a BO9 Modern Warfare 3 showmatch.
Thus this will be one of the first female matches that the console scene has ever seen. You should definitely not miss this very special event!

An extraordinary event deserves the best of the best in terms of commentary. Having done a great job in the first two SK Showmatches, we are proud to have US John 'RevaN' Boble on board for this match again.

The two parties of the match are going to be the ViVAcious Ladies from Germany and FOURPL4Y from the United States. Thus we've got another match between EU and NA, but this time on a whole different level. It is the chance for the female gamers to proof every of the prejudiced males wrong by showing of their skills. Both teams will be introduced within the next two days, so stay tuned for more information about them.

You want to watch this spectacle?
Make sure you follow our stream on You'll need to create an account there, if you haven't got one already. Then make sure you tune in on Thursday, 31st may, at 7pm EST (12pm GMT). The stream will be feature on the SK frontpage and at our event page as well.

Overview of facts
Thursday, 31st May, 7pm EST (12pm GMT)
Follow our stream! (we had to change the channel! So you need to follow it once more)
Rule-set: Decerto v4
BO9 series

Capture the Flag - Bootleg
Search and Destroy - Arkaden
Capture the Flag - Lockdown
Search and Destroy - Seatown
Capture the Flag - Dome
Search and Destroy - Bootleg
Capture the Flag - Arkaden
Search and Destroy - Carbon
Capture the Flag - Lockdown

Click here to find out what positions are available.



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