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The Alliance pick up EG's LCS spot

By Daniel 'd1dx' Yordanov
Dec 11, 2013 02:51

ImageAfter much rumours and drama, team Alliance enters the competitive League of Legends circuit with a blast of a line-up!

Minutes ago, it was confirmed that one of the oldest line-ups in the history of the game splits up - EU EG is no more. A reddit post by former mid laner DK Froggen, presents his new team and confirms the rumours that were circulating the web for quite awhile. SE Alliance have acquired the services of Danish dynamite duo DK Wickd, DK Froggen, Dutch jungler extraordinaire NL Shook v2 and former mid laner turned star AD Carry compatriot NL Tabzz and challenger support player CZ Kazmitch.

The "new" additions to the team are all known stars as both Dutch players made their respective mark on the scene, while their Czech teammate was part of the biggest, albeit unsuccessful, challenger project - EU Fnatic.Beta. Shook v2 is known as one of Europe's best junglers as he dominated the challenger scene together with EU Copenhagen Wolves. Due to behaviour issues and summoner's code violations, Illyes was not eligible to participate in Season 3, but after his suspension was lifted, he is ready to duke it out with Europe's best. Tabzz was hailed as one of the most talented mid laners out there. By a strange turn of events he switched to AD Carry, but he quickly caught up to his usual form and became a monster during his time with EU LemonDogs. His debut Season was most certainly a success as his team represented the Old Continent at the Season 3 World Finals in US LA. Finally, we have to note that CZ Kazmitch is still on trial with the team.

Statement from mid laner and captain, DK Henrik "Froggen" Hansen:
"I am honored to join Alliance with Shook, Tabzz, and Wickd, Alliance is a great organization with a very successful history, especially in Dota 2. We will look to be a top team in to EU LCS, and ultimately our goal is to qualify for the Season 4 World Championships. The first mission, though, is to win against Dignitas in the Battle of the Atlantic this weekend. I am looking forward to playing with my new teammates as we try out Kazmitch and show the world what we can do."

Their debut will be at Battle of the Atlantic in just a couple of days against US Team Dignitas.

As for the rest of the former EG line-up, they have joined the NA LCS qualifications with two more unannounced as of the moment players under the banner US EG.NA. More info to come soon!

Source: The Alliance and Evil Geniuses



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