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Locodoco parts ways with MiG Frost

By Linas 'Leethal' Markulevicius
May 25, 2012 14:48

ImageLess than a week after Azubu's The Champions Spring 2012 came to a conclusion, fan favourite Locodoco shockingly parts ways with MiG Frost.

Even after getting an amazing 2nd place and 40,000,000 Won at Azubu's The Champions Spring 2012, KR Choi 'Locodoco' Yoon-sub has decided to leave his team KR MiG Frost.

Locodoco's team, being one of the most loved teams in Korea, came to Azubu's The Champions tournament as the favorites in the eyes of many. Surprisingly, MiG Blaze turned out to be the ones making a claim to the lime light, after they defeated North American giants US Counter Logic Gaming Prime. MiG Blaze stormed through the semi finals rather easily, while MiG Frost had a lot more trouble in a five game thriller series against KR Xenics Storm seen by many as the unofficial final of the tournament.

Both MiG teams found themselves facing their brothers atop the mountain of victories, but in an uncharacteristic sweep Blaze took three games from Frost back to back securing the Championship. Emotions were heavy after the games, and apparently Loco felt his chances of winning could be improved with a different team. There is talk of him joining Xenics Storm to lead a completely new second team under the organisation.

A statement by MiG's coach Hyunjong Kang:

"After long discussions with the team, we have decided to part ways with Locodoco. Currently, we are looking for a player who can replace him, and believe we'll be able to achieve good results once a new member is found. We hope to find a new member quickly and make the fans happy with our decision."

This leaves KR MiG Frost with the following lineup:

Jang 'GunWoong' Gun-woong
Jung 'RapidStar' Min-sung
Lee 'CloudTemplar' Hyung-woo
Hong 'MadLife' Min-gi

Image courtesy of eSports dailygame.
Sources: Translation provided by Serenne at reddit.



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