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Team Owned Multi Gaming joins the scene

By Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere
May 25, 2012 10:42

ImageYet another team joins the competitive scene with ScYx17's Team Owned Multi Gaming. The top NA player will be taking the captain spot in the brand new squad.

ScYx17 revealed his all-American League of Legends team Team Owned Multi Gaming just hours ago on reddit. Here's their line-up:

US ScYx17
US highTEmPLarz
US Support Daddy f.k.a Evaniskus
US Marshed
US Starfox67

Brand new teamcaptain ScYx17 has been one of the top North American players since season one. He held his position as a top twenty player hitting top five on the ladder consistently since season one. He previously played in Team Liquid and was first captain of Team Split Push, doing very good in the national ESL Go4LoL.

ScYx17 doesn't hide his ambition:

"I really like the organization, we got a good group of guys and I think we will go far."

highTEmPlarz played with his new teamcaptain before in Team Split Push. The team is counting on his versatiliy to grab those wins. Support Daddy, formerly known as Evaniskus, is a 2232 ELO support player who's looking to give the competition a run for their money, stating:

"I'm here to game, and I'm here to win."

Team Owneds Multi Gamings jungle will be the turf of Marshed. His top picks are Skarner, Nautilus, Shyvana and Nocturne. Finally, Starfox64 will take on the AD Carry role. He's been playing since the beta and is confident that his dedication will get him and the team to the top of the scene:

"I want to show everyone anything is possible as long as you're dedicated."

We wish the team the best of luck. If you want a quick peak at their style of playing, you can check out ScYx17's stream.

Source: reddit post



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