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Millenium with a lineup change [Updated]

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
May 24, 2012 23:31

ImageAfter the announcement of their new lineup two weeks ago, Millenium decided to make a change on their AD Carry position.

The LoL scene never sleeps. Another European team has now changed their line up. This time the change is concerning FR Millenium's AD carry CH Shacol0l. The clan stated that the Swiss player had communication problems with the rest of the team and they decided to test DE Thomas Janis "Entenzwerg" Krzok, the current AD Carry of team DE for their Dreamhack qualifier.

Here's a statement by FR Bjoran, the team manager, about the change:

"After several training sessions, Shacolol was beginning to show reactions of annoyance to the rest of the team, it felt noticeably uncomfortable and communication problems have emerged. Following a discussion between the staff and the player, it was agreed that it was better to stop the experiment at this stage.

I want to remind the team after a long period of selection is in a full construction phase for the moment, the players are not yet definitively under contract with Millennium and the coming days / weeks will be crucial for the future of team.

We tested several other Carry AD, tonight is Thomas Janis "Entenzwerg" Krzok who will participate in the Dreamhack qualification."

UPDATE:Earlier today FR Millenium announced that DE Thomas Janis "Entenzwerg" Krzok has officially joined the team. His first appearance with his new teammates will be today at the Fnatic RC LoL Cup #2




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