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South East Asia's first major league: GPL

By Grigoris 'CaveMan800' Solos
May 23, 2012 19:01

ImageLeague of Legends continues its steady worldwide growth and Garena Premier League is the first sample of the professional scene in south east Asia region.

Competition is rising in the South East Asian region with the Garena Pro League.
GPL has kicked off and the six competitors are ready to fight for the title and a share from the $40.000 prize pool.

Let's take a closer look at the competing teams:

TW Taipei Assasins

TW Taipei Assasins is a Taiwanese team that achieved impressive results in the past. They claimed the championship in G1 Taiwan 2011 and they represented Taiwan in the World Cyber Games 2011. Their current lineup is:

TW MiSTakE(AD Carry,Support)
TW Stanley(Top Laner)
TW Lilballz(Jungler)
TW Bebe(AD Carry,Support)
TW Colalin(Support)
TW Toyz(AP Carry)

PH Manilla Eagles

PH Manilla Eagles is a Fillipino team formed after try-outs that Garena Philippines scheduled all over the country. They don't have any past results since they are newly formed but they stated that their goal is to inspire other Filippino gamers to take up eSports as a profession. Their current line-up is:

PH VYY(AD Carry)
PH Rebengga(Top,Support)
PH Kaigu(AP Carry)
PH Dynasty(Top,Support)
PH Misery(Jungler)
PH Morpheus(AD Carry)
PH Ghost(Support)

VN Saigon Jokers

VN Saigon Jokers is a Vietnamese was also formed after try-outs. Their goal is to build a proffesional eSports club and foster healthy gaming in their country. This is their squad:

VN YangSieu(AD Carry,Support)
VN Darkpl(Jungle)
VN Izumin(AP Carry)
VN Egg(Jungle)
VN Violet(Top,Jungle)
VN Archie(AD Carry,Mid)
VN Luckyboy(Top,AD Carry)
VN 2Fast(AD Carry)
VN Melody(AD Carry)

MY KL Hunters

MY KL Hunters is a Malaysian team, created when Garena chose the most famous Malaysian players, to compete in GPL. The team's biggest goal is to win GPL and show to the world that proffesionalism is the key to succeed. This is their team:

MY GoldeNz(AP Carry,Support)
MY MoNk3yz(AD Carry)
MY Epyonz(Top,Jungle)
MY donmuri(Jungle)
MY Hagane(AD Carry)

SG Singapore Sentinels

SG Singapore Sentinels is a newly formed Singaporian team under Garena Singapore.The team consists some young and ambitious Singaporian players and their target is to show to the community that enthusiasm and hard work can lead to great achievements.Their current lineup is:

SG Kailing(Jungle)
SG EquivocaL(Support)
SG ToFuBoi(Top)
SG ly4ly4ly4(AD Carry)
SG d4rkeness(AP Carry)
SG HarLeLuYar(Jungle)

TH Bangkok Titans

THBangkok Titans is the team that will represent Thailand in the GPL. The team is formed after Garena ran some auditions around the country and gathered the strongest individuals in Thailand. Their current lineup is:

TH Laymonoob(AP Carry,Support)
TH Louise Francoise(AP,AD,Jungle)
TH Flure(Tank,Jungle,AP)
TH M150lKapi(Support,AD)
TH MED(AD Carry,Top)
TH leahslipper(AP Carry)
TH NVM(AD Carry)
TH Xeres(Support)
TH jeno(Jungle)

You can follow the tournament by tuning in to the English shoutcast stream here.

Sources:GPL Official Website
CLG Website



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