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CLG announces CLG Black

By Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere
May 22, 2012 01:37

ImageCounter Logic Gaming is expanding. Earlier today CLG announced it's second North American team, CLG Black.

US Counter Logic Gaming expands their squad with a second team, CLG.Black.

CLG states that the primary reason for creating CLG Black was to give the CLG.NA some highly skilled opponents to scrim against on a daily basis.

They spent several weeks contemplating the perfect line-up for the brand new CLG Black. The chosen players did not only show their ability to carry their teams, but also a great potential to be trained from high ELO players to players who can perform well at high level tournaments.

CLG also says in their statement that they are investing heavily in the development of this new team:

"Once the both teams feel our new group is ready, you can expect not only a new team on the scene competing as a serious contender to win major tournaments, but an even more practiced and ultimately formidable CLG Prime squad."

CLG Black will be making their first LAN tournament appearance at the GIGABYTE Esports LAN (GESL) in Pomona, California, June 15th-17th.

The new CLG Black line-up will be the following:

US CLG Sycho Sid - Solo top
US CLG LiNk - Mid
US CLG Zuna - Jungle
US CLG Hoodstomp - AD Carry
US CLG BloodWater - Support

CLG Black also shared the following statement on the CLG Website:

"We are all honored and to be able to play under the CLG name. We're all well seasoned players who have put a lot of effort into League of Legends. While many would say we've already accomplished a great deal already as individuals, our inclusions in CLG Black is something else altogether.

It's not only rewarding, but brings a great sense of pride to be recognized for our individual efforts in solo queue and be brought together under the CLG banner. The organization has given us an immense opportunity, and we plan to give this team our all in terms of dedication and a rigorous practice schedule with CLG Prime. We feel that we are going to become a very strong contender in the competitive scene. Expect us."

Source and image: Counter Logic Gaming



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