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Top Ten: Most Played Champions in Solo Queue

By Krasimir 'fmde' Kolev
May 23, 2012 15:40

ImageGreetings, Summoners! In this thread I'll be discussing the ten most played champions in solo queue, also known as FOTM (or Flavor of the Month). I will also be giving information on win ratios, total games played, win percentages and more interesting facts. This is the first of a series called "The Top Ten"

10. Kennen - The Heart of the Tempest

Total Games Played: 174,147
Wins: 90,942
Losses: 83,205
Win%: 52.22%
Average Kill/Death/Assist: 5.3/ 4.9/ 6.8


- Uses energy; allowing him to permanently harass without having to use pots or return to base for mana.
- Kennen can be built in multiple ways in order to suit ones personal preferences.
- High burst potential.
- Decent survivability with a good escape mechanism.
- Can Stun/CC the entire enemy team in teamfights.
- Can be a solo laner.
- His Ultimate synergizes well in AOE Team Compositions.


- Quickly depletes energy during prolonged fights if not able to pull of multiple stuns, greatly reducing his damage.
- Very expensive core build.
- His abilities do not scale good with AP.

At number ten in our countdown we have the Heart of the Tempest – Kennen. His versatility,  great mobility and AOE burst damage are just a part of this ninja's arsenal. Since he's not mana-dependent the deadly yordle is good at every phase of the game. This makes him a strong pick for every team that needs a solid AP Carry, able to poke. He also has a great escape mechanism in case things go wrong. Overall if your team is looking for a good AP carry that excels in AOE damage with a lot of CC, has a relatively safe laning phase with good harass capabilities – Kennen is the right choice!

9.Udyr - The Animal Spirit

Total Games Played: 195,958
Wins: 94,191
Losses: 101,767
Win %: 48.07 %
Average Kill/Death/Assist: 3.8 / 4.1 / 6.6


- Naturally Tanky.
- Can be played as solo top or as a junger.
- Fast clearing times with safe jungling.
- Has a Stun.
- His Bear stance makes him very mobile.
- Equally good from the beginning till the end of the game.


- Slows reduce his effectiveness considerably.
- One of his skills can't be maxed, since he starts with all 4 skills available at level 1.
- High mana costs.
- Using Flash+Stun is the best way for ganking, when Flash is not on cooldown.

Tanky, mobile, versatile – 3 words that describe our number 9 perfectly. Udyr can be played and built in many different ways. Players prefer and pick him more often because he is overall one of the „safest“ champions to play. He can sustain quite well with his Turtle Stance or he can go Aggressive with Tiger Stance. If a player decides to play him as a jungler, his ganks with Bear Stance are supreme, since the skill gives him both a movement speed buff and a stun. Overall the only issues that Udyr has come from his range: 95% of his damage output comes from melee auto-attacks, so ranged champions with any kind of CC like Ashe, LeBlanc, etc, can be a real pain in the back. Regardless of how a player chooses to play him, solo top or jungler, The Animal Spirit is a solid and viable pick.

8. Vayne - The Night Hunter

Total games played: 206,487
Wins: 94,218
Losses: 112,269
Win %: 45.63%
Average Kill/Death/Assist: 6.6 / 5.2 / 5.2


- High mobility with a stealth.
- True damage from Silver Bolts.
- Can snowball extremely well.
- Has a stun from Condemm
- Can bring out one of the highest damage outputs in the game.
- Great for chasing and „cleaning up“ escaping enemies.
- Can absolutely destroy Tanks/Bruisers.


- Really squishy and often focused first.
- Has short range auto-attacks, making her very dependent on positioning.
- Very item dependant, with a very expensive item build.
- Can be quite useless if shut down early on.

Unlike other AD carries which rely on their long range auto-attacks, Vayne depends entirely on timing and positioning. Her high mobility gives her the ability to chase down  fleeing from the battle enemies and her true damage can finish off any Bruiser/Offtank within seconds. She is the perfect killing machine if she manages to get some kills in the early stages. If played correctly, Vayne can snowball extremely well, despite her weak early game and her item dependency. Later in the game, she can dish out the highest damage output from all champions and become virtually unstoppable. That's why she's at number 8 of the most played champions in Solo Queue.

7.Warwick - The Blood Hunter

Total games played: 236,282
Wins: 128,863
Losses: 107,419
Win%: 54.54 %
Average Kill/Death/Assist: 5.3 / 4.5/ 7.8


- High mobility, one of the best chasers in the game.
- Supreme ganker post level 6.
- Has a supress.
- Can be played as Solo Top, Jungler and even Mid.
- Can counter-jungle quite effectively.
- Exceptional dueler, thanks to his high sustain.


- High mana costs make him blue buff dependent.
- Expensive itemization.
- Susceptible to crowd control.
- Slow clears before getting Madred's Razor.
- Cooldown dependent.

Need a safe jungler and good counter-jungler? Need an extraordinary chaser and ganker? Look no further – number 7 is the champion you need. If you ask me to describe Warwick in 1 word it would be Sustainability. There aren't many champions that are good at it as he is. This however, is not his only advantage – till this day he remains one of the best champions when it comes to 1 vs 1 situations.Unless a player uses Ignite on Warwick, he will outheal everything you throw at him. However he can be very cooldown and mana dependent, making him a sitting duck in some situations. Overall a really good and safe pick for solo queue.

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