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Interview with's Froggen

By Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere
May 20, 2012 15:47's AP Carry Froggen was interviewed by He talks about himself, his gamestyle with Anivia and his tier one champions in midlane. Check out the sneak peak!

EU Counter Logic Gaming EU has been in the spotlight since the dominating victory versus RU Moscow Five in the Vengeance cup. Froggen is one of the key players of this European formation, mostly known for his flawless Anivia play.

In his interview with, he mainly focuses on his opinion on how to play mid lane and his style of play.

Here’s a sneak peak of the interview where he talks about his Anivia versus Moscow 5:

"Question: M5 seem to encounter problems when they come up against your Anivia. Do you think she offers a little more than most AP champions against teams that have a penchant for intensive counter jungling and invading?

Froggen: I think it’s a combination of the way I play Anivia and the utility she provides. Anivia is generally not strong in midlane before she gets some items so it’s rather easy to counter jungle against an Anivia. But with good team communication it’s possible to prevent counterjungle. I think they run into problems because they allow me to do whatever I want in teamfights and never hard engage on me.

Question: Is there any particular 'Crystallize' (Anivia's wall) moment that you remember as your favourite?

Froggen: I usually don’t remember my Anivia walls since I think it’s really simple to place a wall infront of someone to lock them out of a teamfight. I do remember one wall though because people talked about it for a while. Kings of Europe finals vs M5 in a teamfight around dragon where I wall MF completely out of the fight with a lvl 1 wall, which allowed us to pick up 3 easy kills."

You can read the full interview on



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