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SKMC Survives To Play On The Final Day (Updated)

By Kyle 'bigmangriff' Griffin
May 20, 2012 06:21

ImageWith 2 days complete, SK's own MC continues on and looks to be playing late in to tomorrow. Updated with MC's Championship Sunday results.

SK's own KR has been running through players this weekend in search of that elusive MLG title. This weekend has not been easy in any sense of the word and MC has taken it head on. From KRSeong Won 'MMA' Mun to the great foreigner hope FRIlyes 'Stephano' Satouri, MC had one of the hardest roads to Sunday.

Friday started out with what many thought to be a possible finals match as MC took on KRSeong Won 'MMA' Mun. MMA came in to the event as one of the heavy favorites, even with many considering him the underdog in this match-up, MC pulled out a 2-1 victory.
In his next match, we had a rematch of his recent Code A match and a chance to break a 3 match losing streak to KRDong Ju 'GanZi' Kim. This would be MC's and Ganzi's 6 match in as many months. With the current match count being 2-3 in favor of Ganzi, MC was looking to even things up. And even things up he did, winning 2-0 in just over 30 minutes. This win made sure that we would see MC continue playing Saturday in the Winners Bracket.

On Saturday, MC's route to the finals got no easier as his first match of the day was against the French Zerg FRIlyes 'Stephano' Satouri. Known as "the last great foreigner hope", many people have put their faith in to him to win a major title at a Korean dominated event. With Stephano moving to Korea and getting ready to participate in GomTV's GSL Code S, Stephano has recommitted himself to StarCraft 2. Unfortunately for MC, this overcommitment is paying off, as Stephano proceeded beat MC 2-0. This setback pushed MC to the Losers Bracket.

MC's first opponent in the Losers Bracket, was non-other than the previous Spring Arena Champion, KRSoo Ho 'DongRaeGu' Park. DRG was knocked down to the Loser Bracket in Round 2 by KRSeong Hun 'Polt' Choi. MC, having just lost to a Zerg in his last match, looked to correct his self and move on to Round 5, secured that spot with a 2-1 win.
To make it to the Losers Bracket Quarter Finals and to continue play tomorrow, MC had to beat his next opponent, KRMin Gyu 'Inori' Woo. Inori had just beat NLManuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen who had looked great this weekend. Inori showed why he had made it this far, taking MC to the limit and forcing all 3 games. MC still came out on top with a 2-1 victory.

This sets up MC to face Polt in the Losers Bracket Quarter Finals. Polt not only sent DRG to the Losers Bracket, but he also sent UAAleksandr 'Bly' Svusuyk and teammate KRDong Hyun 'Symbol' Kang. Polt was sent to the Losers Bracket by KRKim 'viOlet' Dong Hwan in the Winners Semifinals. In the other Loser Bracket Quarterfinal, Symbol faces off against KRMin-Hyuk 'Heart' Kim. Violet plays Stephano in the Winners Bracket Finals. You can find the whole bracket, and info on each matches results here.


MC started out Sunday morning in the first match of the day against Polt. With people longing for a Stephano vs Polt rematch, Polt was easily considered the fans choice in this match-up. MC would prove that the popular opinion is not what depicts the winner in SC2 though. Game 1 was easily taken by MC, with a great timing attack and unrelenting aggression. Game 2 was rather even till Polt's upgrades kicked in, and Polt was able to even up the game count at 1-1. Game 3 was once again dominated by MC, moving him to in to the Loser Bracket Semifinals and to play KRDong Hyun 'Symbol' Kang.

In the Semifinals, MC represented the only non Zerg left in the tournament. Having already taken out the last Spring Arena Champion, DRG, MC sure was looking to move on to the finals. Unfortunately, Symbol had other plans. Symbol handled MC relentlessly, and MC could not grip Symbols style of play. Symbol took the match 2-0 and grabbed his spot in the Losers Bracket Finals.

With MC's 4th place finish, he guarantees his place in the Spring Championships in Anaheim, CA, and $2,200. Spring Championships takes place June 8–10.

Thank you to MLG and R1CH of Team Liquid for the pictures in this article.



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