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Top 5 EU-West: Solo Top

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
May 20, 2012 00:51

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The young prodigy who goes by the name of DK Mike 'Wickd' Petersen takes the second place. He started his professional League of Legends career in EU SK Gaming , but at the end of last year he left the team and eventually started his own, which soon became known as EU Counter Logic Gaming EU. As probably most of you know, for months, if not for a year, he was notorious for his Irelia. After the nerf on her sustain, he said he won’t be playing her until Riot buff her again, and held on to that till the buff did came around.

Between the nerf and the buff on Irelia though, Wickd didn’t stay idle and mastered new champions. His new FOTM became Renekton and he picked him up in every game he was not banned, doing work with him. Other champions that the Danish player learned to play incredibly well are Shen, Riven, Olaf and recently he made it clear that he was focused on Vladimir and Kennen, the most commonly APs used in the top lane. He’s already showing great stuff with the latter in some of his team’s recent games.

Wickd’s solo queue ELO is 2386 and his ranked stats are 644 wins, 491 losses and a 56.7% win ratio. His 9 most played champions are typical top lane picks. Some more interesting numbers from his Summoner profile are:

Irelia: won 154; lost 77; win ratio 66.7%

Wukong: won39; lost 22; win ratio 63.9%

Renekton: won 36; lost 23; win ratio 61%


The number 1 spot in this last week goes to RU Eugene 'Darien' Mazaev from RU Moscow Five . He, like the rest of his teammates, showed his amazing skills for the first time in front of a vast audience at IEM Kiev. With champions like Shyvana and Irelia, he was constantly pushing minion waves to the enemy tower and then heading straight for counter-jungling, while returning in time to kill the next minions. That was all due to the fast clearing times of the champions he was choosing, as they were well thought about beforehand to fit in M5’s strategy. He was also using Gangplank with an early blue or red buff against an AD carry and support at the bot lane and it worked flawlessly.

Recently, Darien has been playing a lot of Shen, Olaf, Jax, Warwick and Vladimir. What’s more, he’s been using a rather rare pick for the top lane – Fiora, and it’s been working quite well for him. There’s something about his Shen though which requires attention – *click*. It probably can be seen as a solid proof for his place this week, especially when mentioned it happened not just against any team but against US Team SoloMid and in that match the only time Darien went down was against US Shan 'Chaox' Huang and US Marcus 'Dyrus' Hill and not before first killing the enemy top laner after some unimaginable juke of Graves’ ult.

Darien’s solo queue ELO is 2303 and he has some amazing ranked stats, namely – 345 wins, 125 losses and a 73.4% win ratio. His 9 most played champions are bruisers and assassins, played at the top lane. Additional ranked information from his Summoner profile is provided below:

Gangplank: won 42; lost 7; win ratio 85.7%

Riven: won 32; lost 6; win ratio 84.2%

Shyvana: won 26; lost 4; win ratio 86.7%

This is a wrap up of the series, featuring the top 5 players from EU-West in each of the roles in League of Legends. Hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing and thanks for all your comments!

Pictures courtesy of Natus Vincere and Fragster.



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