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Alternate release ForellenLord; sign Kev1n

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Dec 5, 2013 23:50

ImageAnother LCS team completes their roster in the days leading up to the Battle of the Atlantic showmatches.

Recently, DE Kevin 'kev1n' Rubiszewski has been streaming from the DE Team ALTERNATE gaming house while on a tryout for the team. Earlier today the organization announced the official addition of the former SK and NiP player to their roster. After the end of the LCS season, Kev1n left SK for NiP alongside FR John 'hyrqBot' Velly, but only a couple weeks later he was released from the team after they acquired the Lemondogs trio of Zorozero, Nukeduck and Mithy. However, a top player like him didn't have to wait long for another offer to come his way, and it seems he is finally ready to settle with his new team.

Along with the new addition to Alternate, the organization also announced that DE Adrian 'Kerp' Wetekam is moving to the mid lane. That means that they had to release DE Carl 'ForellenLord' Lückmann, something he shared with the public himself a day ago. He cited "a lot of misunderstanding and different dedication" as the reasons for the team's decision to part ways with him. The "EloLord" also stated that he is not giving up on competitive League of Legends and wants to find a new team, but in the mean time he will go back to his roots and go for #1 in the solo queue ladder.

The new Alternate roster is now preparing for their Battle of the Atlantic match against US Counter Logic Gaming , which will be played in LA on December 20th.

Team Alternate lineup:

Sources: Team Alternate; ForellenLord's Facebook



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