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Top 5 EU-West: Solo Top

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
May 20, 2012 00:51

ImageEU-West top 5 is concluding this week with an overview of the best solo top players. Read on to find out who we are talking about.

Top lane is a place which is usually said to be cut off from the other lanes and from the action going on there. It’s typically a warzone between the two players, they are all alone in it, 1v1, and whoever gets the upper hand first has the chance to snowball and become a much bigger threat later. So those who play that role need to know very well just how much damage they can trade with the enemy, when they will deal more damage than they will take and when to dive for the finishing blow. In their own top lane universe there are those who excel the most, let’s see who they are.


LT Aurimas 'Angush' Gedvilas gets the fifth spot this week. He is a veteran player, who started back on beta and used to be the top laner for EU Absolute Legends for quite a while, but after some issues within the team he was asked to leave and is currently playing for EU Teamless . He is generally a player who likes to depend on his team and in cases of miscommunication he can get punished for that, but if they execute everything right he can snowball hard.

Angush enjoys playing assassins like Talon and Akali. They are not very popular in the current bruiser-orientated meta, but he used to execute some perfect combos featuring both of this champions with his ex-teammate LT Vytautas 'extinkt' MÄ—linauskas. He’s also famous for his Warwick (or Lanewick, if you prefer), which is a pretty common ban against him. A new champion he has recently picked up is AD Kayle, which is becoming a new strong option for top laners across both EU and NA.

Angush’s solo queue ELO is 2302 and his ranked stats are quite amazing - 501 wins, 255 losses and a win ratio of 66.3%. 9 out of his 11 most played champions are ones, who are usually played in the top lane. Additional ranked information from his Summoner profile is as following:

Riven: won 61; lost 27; win ratio 69.3%

Warwick: won 34; lost 22; win ratio 60.7%

Akali: won 34; lost 7; win ratio 82.9%


EU SK Gaming ’s DE Kevin 'kev1n' Rubiszewski takes the fourth place. He’s been a part of the team only for 5 months now but has improved tremendously since then, while also gaining some major fame among League of Legends fans. Since then he has succeeded in winning his lane against players from most of the top teams in Europe and attended the last two IEM events, gaining much needed offline experience against both EU and NA teams.

Kev1n’s favorite champions are Udyr and Renekton and he has quite high win ratios with them. He even started playing the latter way before it became a common pick for DK Mike 'Wickd' Petersen after Irelia’s nerfs. Other champions Kev1n plays frequently are Irelia, Lee Sin, and more recently – Olaf and Jax. He also uses the uncommon Nocturne pick and has said about him that “he’s actually a beast toplane”. He loves doing aggressive plays with all the champions he plays, you’ll never see him just passively farming under tower.

Kev1n’s solo queue ELO is 2245, with ranked stats: 523 wins, 385 losses and 57.6% win ratio. 6 of his 9 most played champions are typical bruisers. Some additional ranked stats from his Summoner profile are provided below:

Irelia: won 40; lost 21; win ratio 65.6%

Jax: won 29; lost 21; win ratio 58%

Udyr: won 13; lost 8; win ratio 61.9%


The third spot goes to DK Rasmus 'nesrilaS' Pedersen from EU Natus Vincere . This may come as a surprise to some who haven’t watched his team’s recent success in the TSM Invitational, IPL 5 first online qualifiers and the RoG Invitational, in all of which the young Danish player had major contribution. He proved wrong all of these casual and top players who were saying for months that Jax is useless, very weak or at least far than optimal pick after the dodge removal. He did so by winning mercilessly his lane against the likes of DK Mike 'Wickd' Petersen, US Marcus 'Dyrus' Hill and many others.

nesrilaS’ favorite champions are Irelia and Wukong. That’s not only because they are very strong picks but also because they are versatile and can be built through many different ways thus fitting in various play styles. Other champions he plays a lot are Riven and Udyr, and also assassins like Talon and Akali, who are rather rare in competitive play, but not so much in solo queue games.

nesrilaS’ solo queue ELO is “only” 2172, while his ranked stats are 636 wins and 485 losses, which sums up to 56.7% win ratio. 11 of his 14 most played champions are usually seen in the top lane. Here are some more numbers from his Summoner profile:

Irelia: won 70; lost 39; win ratio 64.2%

Wukong: won 48; lost 22; win ratio 68.6%

Jax: won 12; lost 7; win ratio 63.2%

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