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Darius Patch Preview

May 19, 2012 18:55

ImageThe new patch preview video by Riot is available now. Check out this post to read about all the upcoming changes that will be brought to the League with the next patch.

Riot have now uploaded the Darius Patch Preview video on their YouTube channel. If you wanna update your knowledge and learn about all the upcoming changes, click here to watch the video.

The upcoming patch is promising to bring quite a few news things to the League.

Summoner's Rift Graphics Update

The following options will be improved:

・ Better game performance at low and mid spec.

・Updated textures across Summoner's Rift.

・Improved animations on many of the monsters, including the Ancient Golem, the
Lizard Elder and, of course, Baron Nashor.

・ A new, animated shopkeeper to service all of your champion's item purchases.


The graphics update will be very significant for players who play League of Legends with low or very low settings. In addition to the new looks, most players will be experiencing increased frame rates, especially players who run LoL on low settings.

Also, the HUD (Head's Up Display) got a complete remake. There will be new icons, more readable text and better looking art. Another useful feature of the new HUD is the fact that your amount of minion kills will now be displayed in the top right corner right next to your kills, deaths and assists.

So when the new patch has been brought to the League, take your eyes off the lovely or badass champions you are summoning this game and take a look at the map and all the thing surrounding you - it's definitely gonna be worth it. Also, don't forget to adjust your settings to the update.

Ashe Model Update

With the upcoming patch, Ashe's model remake will be released. If you can't wait to find out what she's going to look like, check out these Splash Arts:


But not only does this update only include changes of Ashe's visual appearance. Her animation, particles, ingame model and voice overs have been through a complete remake as well.

Other champions such as Kayle and Gangplank have been through visual upgrades before, and more of the older champions will be going through this process in the future. Expected to be next up is Soraka, as Morello has tweeted a short message concerning that on his twitter about a week ago.

Turret Improvements

From now on, players who are getting attacked by a tower will hear a sound and see an icon over their champions head to make them notice that they are being targeted.

Changes concerning ranked Solo / Duo Queue

With the upcoming patch, the possibility of summoning champions that are free to play in ranked games is going to be be removed. You will only be able to pick champions that you have unlocked before.

The reason of this change is that ranked is the kind of game mode where you really try to win as many games as possible. Therefor you should only be playing champions that you gained some experience with before summoning them in a ranked game. Choosing a free to play champion in normal, custom and bot games will still be available.

Changes concerning Normal Draft

Riot used to give players that grouped up in draft games priority and always granted one of them the "captain" status. Now, there will be a 20% chance for every player to be the team captain, regardless if some players in the team are premade or not. If multiple players group up to join a game, the host of the team will be the only one of them who has a chance to become captain.

New Item

Chalice of Harmony should be the number one item for any player who needs a lot of Mana Regeneration, yet it gets ignored most of the times. To fix that Riot are adding a late game item upgrade of Chalice to the League.

This item will grant you Ability Power, Cooldown Reduction, Magic Resistance and Mana Regeneration. It will be a very useful item for champions that soak up a lot of Mana such as Anivia, Orianna and Swain. By building it into an Athene's Unholy Grail, Chalice will now be a viable option to purchase and still be good on your champion later in the game.

Graphics update announcement by Riot.

What's your opinion about these upcoming changes? Are you excited about the graphics update or Ashe's new looks? Let us know what you are looking forward to. Also, let us know if something there is something about these changes that you dislike.



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