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SK Gaming CoD on a winning spree

By Patrick 'Pad93' Strack
Dec 7, 2013 01:20

ImageAfter releasing the new lineup of SK Gaming's Call of Duty team, it's time for some good news once again. In the past two weeks they managed to win two of the biggest and most important European online tournaments.

On the 23rd of November the team attended the Pre-i50 Call of Duty: Ghosts Online Tournament which was hosted by the famous European Gaming League (EGL). Through a total number of 64 teams that competed in this online tournament, SK could confidently assert up to the top.

In the 3rd round of the tournament they faced their German friends and rivals from the N7 Nation competitive team. With a stable and good performance, our team won 2-0 and showed once again that they are the best Call of Duty team in Germany.
In the grand final, finally the match of the titans took place as SK Gaming CoD was facing the French celebrities from the powerhouse Vitality. After a super exciting match our team earned a well deserved win against the French and thus win the whole tournament.

With winning the Pre-i50 Call of Duty: Ghosts Online Tournament, the team would have had the opportunity to attend the Insomnia 50 event in Telford (GB). But the team decided to train further instead as they have only played together for a few weeks now.

On 1st of December another important online event took place. The Gfinity 2k Series tournament is the major online tournament series held in Europe. As the winning team of the tournament earns the important so called Pro Points. Pro Points are especially important for upcoming tournament invitations to events hosted by the Major Gaming League (MLG) and Gfinity. Just to note: In the last two Gfinity events, there was an incredible combined prize pool of $120,000 for the Call of Duty tournaments. Of course, our team managed to emerge victorious out of the tournament and earned another 2000 Pro Points.

If you want to stay in touch with our Call of Duty team, just like them on Facebook or give them a follow on Twitter.



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