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MiG Blaze wins Azubu LoL SPRING 2012

By Alex 'Faerum' Noether
May 19, 2012 15:46

ImageAfter a long anticipated final match between brother teams, MiG Blaze stands the victor over MiG Frost in the largest League of Legends tournament to date. Take a look at the epic conclusion to OGN Azubu's The Champions, Spring 2012.


The Champions reached its final phase this afternoon. Two brother teams: KRMiG Blaze and KRMiG Frost entered the final stage - but only one could take home the grand prize of 100 million won (approximately 86,000 US or 67,500 EUR), the largest prize pool yet in League of Legends' history.

The finals match brought such attention and excitement that a throng of people were left lined up outside of the stadium door. The seats were packed and many forced to watch from outside the venue due to a lack of space. OGN Azubu has been League of Legends' largest tournament yet.

While skeptics voiced the opinion that a final between Korea's powerhouse twin teams might lack competition - their doubts were quickly cast out as MiG Blaze forged their way to victory in a decisive display of skill, talent, and tenacity in a 3-0 win over MiG Frost.

MiG Blaze was quick to set the pace and tempo of game one, scoring the first turret of the match as well as drawing first blood. Less than 20 minutes into game one, MiG Frost's base was already in peril with the loss of an inhibitor.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, MiG Frost brought out an unexpected pick with KRChoi 'Locodoco' Yoon-sub playing Varus. All eyes were on the team's AD carry after he picked up first blood in a dazzling display against MiG Blaze. Despite this strong start, MiG Blaze managed to overpower their big brothers and take the win.

Game three of the OGN The Champions final removed any doubts of MiG Blaze being the supposed B-team of Maximum Impact Gaming. 19 minutes into the game MiG Blaze scored the first ace of the finals. MiG Frost's recovery seemed near impossible, and with another ace from their enemies their hopes we're permanently buried.

As a result of three epic battles, MiG Blaze becomes the first team to earn the Azubu League of Legends - The Champions: winning 100 million won, as well as the title and glory of being Korea's number one team.


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