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Slasher's Recent Interview With Sundance

By Kyle 'bigmangriff' Griffin
May 19, 2012 08:19

ImageRecently Slasher sat down with Sundance DiGiovanni about the resent happening and news around MLG and its partners.

A few days ago, Rod Breslau, more commonly known as Slasher, spoke to MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni about the recent KeSPA/MLG Partnership, the current state of the StarCraft(SC2) pro scene and the the possibility of other partnerships. With the pending entry of SC2 in to the KeSPA season and current Brood War(BW) players making the switch over full time to SC2, there are many questions surrounding the upcoming StarLeauge season and MLG events for the rest of the year.

Sundance was able to shed some light on to a few of those questions. Although we still don't know what BW Pro's will be at Spring Championship 2012, we are able to confirm that all the BW teams will have representation:

GS: Players such as Flash, Jaedong, Bisu, and Stork have been hinted, are any of those guys coming?

SD: The plan is have KeSPA fully represented in Anaheim, with each team represented. That's as much as I can give you.

One of the biggest signs of delivering possible dream matches for the fans of both BW and SC2, Sundance discussed the wanting to hold a major match that could be labeled as "The Clash of a God and Creator of the Universe":

I'd love to see Nestea and Flash face-off in a meaningful match, I think that'd be ****ing awesome. I think it'd be great. I'm going to try and make it happen sooner rather than later. Now, of course there are certain political components, and I don't know if you'll see that in South Korea anytime soon, but I think you could probably see it at our next event after Anaheim at the MLG Summer Championships or the fourth event later in the year.

The interview was not with out its share of discussion of MLG's past partnership with GomTV:

GS: What happened with GomTV?

SD: You know, we grew really quickly and started making some money, wanted to do more, and the players came back saying nice things about us, and it's like…competition? Partnership? It's like, you're not gonna do it the way we want to so they went out and got a new partner, which is great, and I hope it continues to work. But I can't worry about that, we've got Anaheim coming up here in a couple weeks and they made this behind-the-scenes announcement that Up & Down matches would be at the same time. Well, all of the players chose us. I think that should tell you something.

Sundance also spoke on the past issues that people have had with KeSPA and how he believes it was mainly misunderstandings:

I mean, they are a very serious organization in the way they operate, and that's gotten misinterpreted at times. There are other times when they've done things that have obviously not been as well received by the community as they may have liked, but that's shifted now, because it's global now. They own a very important part of this but we bring a very important part as well. It's a dynamic partnership in that regard. We're going to work on softening their image to the Western fans.

MLG Spring Championship will be the first chance we get to see the fruits of this partnership. The future is bright and a only time will tell just how far this can take not only KeSPA and MLG, but eSports as a whole. for the whole interview, you can visit GameSpot.



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