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SK Gaming and LG-IM Announce Partnership

By Kyle 'bigmangriff' Griffin
May 18, 2012 00:37

ImageThe world of StarCraft 2 has been shaken up quite a bit today. It has been officially announced that SK Gaming and LG-IM have partnered to create a major powerhouse of a team.

It was announced earlier today that SK Gaming and LG-IM would be working with each other in the future to not only in StarCraft 2 but in the realm of League of Legends as well. Today we got a quote from our own Player Manager Min-Sik Ko:

"I was talking with coach Hirai of Team LG-IM for a while already and we were thinking of how we could support each other. LG-IM and SK have a lot in common and, with their new League of Legends team, it just fits perfect for both sides to agree on a partnership and to help each other out. With MC living in Korea he will have the chance to participate in the GSTL with team LG-IM and practice with them.

With and League of Legends being such a huge success in Korea, we can combine forces and both League of Legend teams can support each other. League of Legends will get much bigger in Korea, so we will definitely look into sending our League of Legends team to Korea to train with the LG-IM guys in the near future."

This definitely bodes well for both teams. With this going in to effect, this puts 8 GSL titles together. It also gives LG-IM one of the Top League of Legends teams to learn from and practice with. This will be a major partnership that could change the face of eSports for years to come.



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