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WinFakt release CS squad

By Nuno 'r6ks' Silva
May 15, 2012 01:23

ImageBelgian-based organisation WinFakt have announced the release of their Counter-Strike team after almost one year of cooperation.

The Belgian-based organisation WinFakt has announced that their Finnish line-up will no longer play under their colors. According to their website, the reason behind this move is that the administration thought it was "time for something new". The team had first joined on August 2011, shortly before having their debut at e-Stars Seoul, where they secured a 5-6 final standing after being eliminated by the Ukrainians of UA Natus Vincere . October 2011 turned out to be a great month for team, with three podium finishes and earns over $20,000. The team made an also impressive appearance at Copenhagen Games 2012, finishing of third overall and defeating teams such as SE SK Gaming and UA Natus Vincere . Overall, the line-up earned over $35,000.

During the announcement, Finnish star FI Kimmo 'BASiC' Fagerholm also stated that he is going to take a break from professional gaming, as you can read on the following statement given to
It's been amazing time be part of WinFakt gaming team and organization. Their support for us has been easily the best I have ever had from organization and there have never been any problems to get some tournament if we wanted to attend and we have had possibility to compete against best teams in the world. I dont want to comment what is gonna be our teams future and everything is quite open yet, but personally I'm gonna have a break from CS on pro level, even though I'm probably gonna play it again. Big thanks for WinFakt's management and players who have been playing with me during this time, it has been an awesome time.

While the future of most players is uncertain, FI WinFakt Fi was:
FI Timi 'aslak' Verkkoperä
FI Miikka 'dRiim' Toroi
FI Aleski 'allu' Jalli
FI Hannu 'H^N' Pohjalainen
FI Janne 'Metaphor' Halinen
FI Kimmo 'BASiC' Fagerholm

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