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SK CS wins 3rd Generation ICC

By Aleksandar 'gunnero' Dimovski
May 13, 2012 22:42

ImageSK-Gaming has won the 3rd Generation Intel Core Challenge hosted by Inferno Online with a score of 2-0 against fnatic in the winner bracket finals for a hefty $10.000 in cash prizes

1st map de_dust2:

Fist half:
Map choice by SK Gaming. The first round went to fnatic playing on the CT side. Two rounds later fnatic was leading with an early 3-0, just to find SK balancing the odds by also winning three rounds in a row. Both teams offered some great following rounds and went for a tie with 6-6 in rounds just so SK|Face could shine and he managed to took a 1 vs 3 situation to push the score to 7-6 in favor of SK. The first half ended with score of 8-7 in SK's favor.

Second half:
SK wins the pistol round, and the following four rounds. SK by that time had the lead with a 13-7 score. Rounds then were exchanged back and forth, both took two, and SK was leading with 15-9. SK finally won an exciting first map with the score of 16-9.

2nd map de_nuke:

Fist half:
fnatic again won the pistol round and started on the CT side. SK winning the following two rounds for a 3-1 score. The game kept going very unspectular for some time finsing the first half of the second map with 9-6 in fnatics favor.

Second half:
SK is now on the CT side, wins the first round as fnatic failed to make their entry on the Bombsite A and take the two additional cleanup rounds for a smooth 3-0 lead.

Fourth round, fnatic had bought and went through the ramp to the inner catwalk on to bombsite A. SK with a great defense won the round and tied the match 9-9. SK continued to win rounds and leading up, fnatic then won their first round at score 12-10.

fnatic won only one more round before SK bounced back with an aggressive push into lobby and won the match with 13-11.

SK played very stable for the rest of the game and fnatic made a last attempt to make it a draw, only thing was that SK was too strong for that to happen and the map ended with the final score of 16-11 in SK's favor.

A great game. Make sure to watch the replays / VOD in the coming days on

Match Information

Final standings

1. SE SK Gaming - $10,000
2. SE fnatic
3-4. PL ESC Gaming
3-4. DK eSrael
5-8. FI WinFakt
5-8. SE ICSU
5-8. SE Hellslayers
5-8. FI eestralis



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