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GSL RO4 Recap & Finals Preview

By Coen 'Mithax' Hup
May 10, 2012 21:33

ImageThe finalist for this season of the GSL 2012 code S are known. Here is a recap of what happened today in the GSL code S RO4 and a short preview of the finals next week!

Match #2:KR Song Hyun 'HerO' Deok versus KRHyun-Woo 'Squirtle' Park

My predictions favored towards Squirtle in this matchup, Squirtle is known for one of the best PvP in Korea and in general. His opponent from Team Liquid, HerO is here for the first time in code S and lacks the experience in this matchup. Luckily for him anything can happen in PvP so this series could go either way.

Game 1:
The last Semi-final started on Daybreak. Squirtle went for DTs in the first game. Luckily for HerO, he scouted the tech and forcefielded the ramp in time. HerO takes his expansion and builds his own Dark Shrine. Sadly his DTs also don't do the damage required. HerO third gets denied by Squirtle and in the following engagement Squirtle's superior army and positioning lands him the win on this map.

HerO 0 - 1 Squirtle

Game 2:

Map number 2 of the series was Atlantis Spaceship. HerO opened up with four Gateways and using a proxy Robotics Facility for Warp Prism drop. His opponent opted for some two Gateway pressure. Squirtle was unaware of his opponent's plan and went into HerO's base for some early pressure. When HerO’s attack came, Squirtle targetted down the Warp prism immediately, and having a Robotics Facility of his own, Chronoboosted out an Immortal. Using some mindblowing micro, Squirtel fended off HerO's attack despite lacking in Gateways and only have one Immortal out. HerO tried to expand behind this and go for Blink Stalkers but Squirtle make the best decision and went for Colossi. Using his Collosi to break the Force Fields, Squirtle easily steamrolled his opponents army.

HerO 0 - 2 Squirtle

Game 3:
The third map was on Dual Sight, a map that hasn't been played much in the GSL. Squirtle went for his favoured two Gateway pressure that worked out well last game. HerO went for a quick Nexus and Blink Stalkers. Squirtle tries his luck with DTs which works out perfectly this time. HerO has no detection this game to deal with the DTs and get into the main of HerO due to a missed Force Field. With no detection out for a long time. HerO simply had nothing to counter the DTs and all he could do was call GG and congratulate Squirtle on his spot in the Finals. He stood no real chance this series against the superior experience and decision making in PvP against Squirtle

HerO 0 - 3 Squirtle

StarTale.Squirtle advances to the finals! Liquid.HerO will be in Code S next season.

My predictions in this matchup were more accurate with Squirtle showing why he has been undefeated for so long in PvP and in the GSL in general. We will certainly see him give MVP a good run for his money in the Finals.

Finals Preview:

KRJong Hyeon 'xxxMVP' Jeong versus KR Hyun-Woo 'Squirtle' Park

This one will be very hard to predict. Squirtle has been having an amazing run this year as u can see here. Squirtle has really 'evolved' to make the easy joke this season. Beside having an amazing PvP, u can see his PvT is top notch defeating MKP, MMA, Bomber, Alive, Puma and more amazing Terrans in the GSTL and GSL. He really wants to be the second Protoss in GSL history to take this win. So far only our very own SK KR has achieved a Protoss GSL victory. His opponent has already achieved this three times as the only Terran and his goal is to be the only one with four GSL victories under his belt. Seeing Squirtle play so amazingly today my vote goes to him. The finals will be played on 19th of May at 17.10 KST(10.00 for most of Europe).

Prediction: 4-2 for StarTale.Squirtle

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