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Top 5 EU-West: Jungler

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
May 10, 2012 19:04

ImageWelcome to this week’s journey which will take us in the Summoner’s Rift jungle. Curious which top players we shall find there? Read on to find out.

If League of Legends was football, then junglers would be nothing less than the playmakers. There is so much they have to do – secure buffs for the carries, time enemy buffs, disrupt the enemy jungler’s path, clear wards with an early oracle, gank lanes and give kills to the carries. After the jungle rework at the beginning of Season 2 they became something like a second support player, just more tanky and helping all the lanes in the early game, not only the AD carry. Now, let’s take a look at the ones who excel the most at their job in the jungle.


EU Fnatic ’s FI Lauri 'Cyanide' Happonen takes the fifth place this week. While he is a Season 1 and IEM NY champion, after Riot reworked the jungle he had some major troubles getting used to it. He complained a lot about it, but finally came to other people’s conclusion that it’s quite hard to carry anymore as a jungler and started improving anew.

At the IEM World Championship he showed the audience both at the event and at home that if League of Legends was all about stealing dragons and barons, he would be the number 1. He managed to steal not one, but two barons from US Team Dignitas and this secured the victory for his team even when they were thousands of gold and 10+ kills behind.

Cyanide used to be famous mostly for his Rammus and Lee Sin’s plays, but in the last couple of months his strongest champion has been Nocturne. With his removal of vision, fear and ganking from far away it is a formidable jungler and the young Finnish player uses it for some sick combos with his teammates.

Cyanide’s solo queue ELO is 2322 and his ranked stats are 615 wins, 460 losses, which sums up to a 57.2% win ratio. His 12 most played champions are junglers and he has very good results with them. Here are some of the numbers from his Summoner profile:

Udyr: won 51; lost 36; win ratio 58.6%

Rammus: won 36; lost 17; win ratio 67.9%

Shyvana: won 35; lost 16; win ratio 68.6%


FR Damien 'Linak' Lorthios from FR against All authority occupies the fourth spot. He has been playing League of Legends since beta and has been a part of the French team (sponsored by Millenium for a certain period of time before going back to aAa) for a year at least, always showing a steady form in tournaments except from the recent IPL 4.

In a serious tournament environment Linak is mostly known for his great Udyr which secures a lot of kills for the laners with the flash and stun combo. He also plays a very aggressive jungle Alistar. A curious fact is that sometimes he builds a Deathfire Grasp on these champs. Even though it may not be the most suitable item for them, it seems it’s his most favorite one and he even did it in a game at the IEM World Championship.

When he is in solo queue, he also likes to play stealth junglers like Shaco and especially Twitch. Both of them can snowball out of control when there’s not much team coordination, which is usually the case in such games. Another unusual or rather rare pick Linak likes is AP Master Yi, again played with a Deathfire Grasp.

His solo queue ELO on his main account is 2410 and he has 837 wins, 663 losses and a 55.8% win ratio. Below are provided some more of his ranked stats from his Summoner profile. He has been recently playing on his “Yinak” and “hide” smurfs though, because of a ban he received.

Udyr: won 55; lost 19; win ratio 74.3%

Twitch: won 33; lost 24; win ratio 57.9%

Rammus: won 32; lost 12; win ratio 72.7%


SE Tobias 'Malunoo' Magnusson from EU Absolute Legends gets the third spot. He is an awesome jungler who got the deserved recognition after joining his current team. He is quite famous for his Mundo plays which even made the popular League of Legends shoutcaster Panky call him Malundoo most of the time. The Swedish player uses his favorite champion’s fast clear time for quick ganks or for counter-jungling. And, of course, he loves throwing cleavers or suitcases in people’s faces and going where he pleases.

Other champions that Malunoo is using frequently are Alistar and Maokai, and more recently Jarvan, so maybe we’ll soon see a return of the prince of Demacia in competitive play. He also plays a lot of Amumu and his thoughts about him are that he could be quite viable in tournaments with the right team comp around him and even more if Riot would give him some little buffs.

Malunoo’s solo queue ELO is 2329 and his ranked stats are 396 wins, 233 losses, which sums up to a 63% win ratio. His 13 most played champs are junglers, so it seems he's really dedicated to his role in the Absolite Legends team. Some more interesting numbers from his Summoner profile are:

Maokai: won 55; lost 27; win ratio 67.1%

Rammus: won 54; lost 21; win ratio 72%

Jarvan IV: won 29; lost 13; win ratio 69%

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