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SK Planet Proleague details released

By Coen 'Mithax' Hup
May 10, 2012 15:48

ImageMore details about the upcoming SK Planet Proleague have been released today at their media day event

The tournament will be starting May 20, and will be the first KeSPA-sanctioned event since the announcement more then a week ago. This season will start with a mix of Brood War and Starcraft II. All matches will consist be best-of-seven format, beginning with a best-of-three Brood War series followed by a best-of-three in Starcraft II. If there is no winner yet, an ace match will be played in Starcraft II to decide the winner.

Brood War Map Pool

Neo Ground Zero
Neo Electric Circuit
Neo Jade
Shin Sniper Ridge

Starcraft II Map Pool

Antiga Shipyard
Entombed Valley
Cloud Kingdom

As in previous editions, the season will be divided into three rounds. May 20-June 19, June 23-July 22 and July 23-August 26. The playoffs will start on the first of September and finishing with the finals on 22 September.

Teams will be required to submit their player choice before each match in both Brood War and Starcraft II. In addition, players must alternate between playing Brood War and Starcraft II.

It will certainly be interested to see the mix between Brood War and Starcraft II and how the players adapt to the new game. KeSPA has stated that although Brood War is in this season of SK Planet Proleague, the main title for this season is Starcraft II and we will most likely see them remove Brood War in the future seasons to focus entirely on Starcraft II.

Despite concerns about StarCraft 2's reception among the remaining Brood War players, those interviewed at the event seemed generally positive about their experience with the game.

Interview with KR Young Ho 'Flash' Lee

"I've become immersed in StarCraft 2 and play the game until 3-4 in the morning. It feels like when I first played StarCraft 1. I'll work hard so I can show everyone better games. In my heart, I'd love to catch up in three months, but realistically I think it will take a year. If I want to reach my StarCraft 1 level of skill, I think it will take two to three years."

Both players and coaches also mentioned that they received help from outside their respective organizations, even from StarCraft 2 players in some regards.

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