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Ganking through lane guide: Ward haters rejoice

By Matthew 'WhatTheMoose' McDermott
May 9, 2012 20:13

ImageRanked and normal gameplay, showing how effective ganking through the lane can be. Advice on how to increase your sucess rate when using this ganking method with information on where, when and who this method can be effective on. Including a variety of junglers and a variety of ganks both top and bot lane.

We are all aware that ganking through the river has a pretty low sucess rate, due to wards. With 75 gold for a sight ward and 125 gold for a vision ward, offering you safety in lane who wouldn't pick them up? Looking at it realistically imagine how much gold you would lose in farm if you didn't ward!

In this video guide I demonstrate and advise on an advanced ganking method by encouraging ganking through the lane. Highlighting the use of widely regarded "defensive" summoner spells such as flash in an offensive manner to pick up kills. Without giving any more away, feel free to check out the video and I hope you enjoy it!

There are ways to increase your sucess chance when ganking which is partly down to coordinating with your team mates, and where possible making them engage/bait the enemy into a a fight before you arrive. However, little things like getting timers on enemy wards and positions in chat, so you can prevent your jungler from wasting time and XP on warded ganks. Even something as simple as picking up an early oracle if you are ahead as a jungler especially if you are planning on counter jungling. Even picking it up on a support (slightly more risky) but uncontestedly beneficial when picked up on roaming supports such as Taric, Ali and Janna clearing wards from each lane and the jungle.


As we see from the map above, the purple team jungler can effectively gank bot lane via the tri bush as they would emerge in front on the tower and behind their targets, meaning in most cases the enemy would try to run towards you and their tower in an attempt to live. They will be between you and your teammates and with correct positioning on your part you can pick up a kill, even if the enemy blow their summoners. However, the tri bush would usually be warded, so in situations where it is, the purple bot lane really must engage before the purple jungler gets to the tri bush; upon arrival of the purple jungler the blue bot lane would not have enough time to react.

Similarly, the blue jungler would be able to easily gank top lane, emerging in a similar fashion behind the enemy and in front of the tower. One thing to note especially when ganking top via this route against champions with blinks/gap closers such as Irelia, Jax and Pantheon, they will sometimes attempt to juke into the bush and use you as a target to escape should you get close enough. So this is something to bare in mind when coordinating your positioning with an ally.

In order for the blue jungler to gank bot lane early game, and in order for the purple jungler to gank top early game, the ganking through lane and ninja ganking methods come into play. If the enemy is pushing you can wait until they engage or go for a last hit to quite simply run through the lane and gank (as mentioned in the video)in most cases resulting in a kill or an enemy summoner spell blown. On the other hand if your allies are pushing; you can sneak in behind the minion wave, preventing the enemy from getting vision. From there proceed to wait in the brushes for the enemy to engage/go for a last hit, come out sync your CC with your team mate and maximise your burst, hopefully allowing you to pick up a kill. One thing to note is that the enemy jungler could be counter ganking you, should the bushes be warded. That is something you need to be aware of and can sometimes react to based on the enemies behaviour and movement patterns in lane. Further to this, most champions can ninja gank well but there aren't so many champions that can gank through lane efficiently.


However, later in the game or on tanky champions that can mitigate CC and damage, another option to gank the lanes mentioned in the above paragraph is from behind the tower. Tower hits apply an increasing armour pen debuff on its target, meaning for every tower hit you take the next hit will deal more damage. The key is minimizing your time under the tower by exchanging tower aggro with your allies in lane. Even pushing the minion wave to the tower and using the presence of 2 or 3 of you (without engaging, but pretending to) to force the enemy away from the tower. The longer you spend doing this, you have to be aware of movements from mid and the enemies jungle.

I hope you enjoyed the video guide and found something useful that you can use in your gameplay!

Please check out my YouTube Channel for more advanced guides. Feel free to like and follow me on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date.

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