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SK Showmatch: Introducing TCM Gaming

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
May 12, 2012 16:33

ImageIt's time to introduce the second team for SK's first Modern Warfare 3 showmatch. In TCM Gaming we are having one of the top tier EU teams, thus you can really look forward on a great match.

TCM Gaming, the runner-up of the recent i45 event, is one of the best teams in Europe. The team makes a very self-confident and strong impression.

Image UK Ryan 'Flux' Oldfield

Ryan is a versatile player capable of filling any role. He boasts a wealth of experience having attended Call of Duty Lan events across the world, including MLG Providence, COD XP and many European events. He is a supportive SMG and allows his mate Mohog to capture as many flags as possible.

Image UK Steve 'Mohog' Hartland

A notoriously good LAN player. Steve is a calm, collected individual that will work tirelessly for the good of the team. In-game, he is the objective SMG, thus his aim is to carry home a lot of the enemy's flags.

Image UK Alex 'Hammers' Scargill

A player who rarely ceases to put up big numbers in games. Alex is a constant threat to the opposition and is renowned for his unique spawn trap techniques, which he really needs to have as a slaying AR.

ImageUK Richard 'Rich' Cook

A hugely talented individual who is capable of coming up with sensational clutch plays. He is the rock of the team and can always be relied on. Having have played lots of lans and online tournaments, Richard makes use of his immense experience to cope with difficult situations.

Click here to find out what positions are available.



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