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Team Ninjapull Live at the RPC in Cologne!

By 'GI-Mike'
May 9, 2012 02:39

There was one thing that couldn't be missing on the RPC in Cologne: World of Warcraft PvP! Ninjapull was there and brought some nice one with them. Together with entertaining shoutcasting and brilliant prices of SteelSeries this was a super hot mixture.

Image Last weekend the time has come: The Team of Ninjapull had two debuts at the same time: their live-debut at the Role Play Convention in Cologne and their first appearance after the decision of cooperating with SK-Gaming.
Some days ago the World of Warcraft Arenapass opened its gates, so this was the perfect chance for the team to illustrate their skill in 3vs3 gameplay and give the audience a super-hot show.

Kevin aka Nerdstomper (Warlock), Dominik aka Geru (Shaman) und Bastian aka Kajn (Rogue) showed what a well played RLS is capable of. The whole spectacle was shoutcasted by Axel (a presenter of Gaming Insight) in a funny way filled with true ingame-knowledge.Image

As expected the enemyteams were only the best of the best of the world of warcraft pvp-scene. So these guys jumped in for long, nail-biting matches against the best players in europe. After the first game it was really obvious which role in the team were done by whom:
"SWITCH - DMG - KILL KILL!" were the most yelled words of Kajn, who was the one executing the tactics, while Geru was the "Backbone" of the team giving his teammates enough healing in close fights and Nerdstomper dealing massive damage with his Damage-over-Time Spells or crowd-controlling with well-timed fears.


But there was something more than awesome arena-matches to see - the chance to win wicked prices sponsored by our partner SteelSeries. After each won game, the audience was rewarded with some goodies - headsets, gaming-mice and keyboards out of the hands of SteelSeries were enthusiastically given to the crowd.

If you want to see some 3vs3-matches done by these guys and didn't get a chance to see them in Cologne, then just check out the Stream of Nerdstomper or visit the homepage of Ninjapull for images from the convention.
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