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Millenium announces new LoL team

By Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere
May 8, 2012 16:14

ImageTeam Millenium disbanded their League of Legends squad less than a month ago and searched for new players to return to the scene. They have now revealed their brand new line-up.

The French team didn't perform as well as they wanted to and decided to disband some time ago. In stead of creating a line-up consisting of former or known players, they have chosen to go for a relatively unknown squad:

FRJulien 'pHeoz' Dubois
FRAnthony 'Arcagød' Leonardo
FRNelson 'Naijik' Alves
ESDaryl 'shacol0l' Brandi
CHAlejandro 'Dax' Germain

Forming a line-up of five relatively unknown players might be a big risk, but with much practice and teamspirit it could just as well prove to be a good strategy. Here are some reactions of the new players. You can read the full article (in french) here.

Do you think that the current Millenium line-up will be able to rival with some of the best teams in the world?

pHeoz: I don't know, we have to play against them first to know..

Arcagød: Yes, I do think this line-up can rival with the best teams in the world. It won't be easy, but with time and practice, we'll get there.

shacol0l: I don't want to talk about this subject too much, we will work hard en do the best we possibly can to build a solid and capable team who can defend themselves at the highest level.

Dax: There's a long road ahead of us. We need a lot of practice and reflection together before we can act on the highest level.

Naijik: It's our goal to cross swords with the best teams in the world, but we're not there yet. We have a lot of work ahead of us and have to go step by step.

Any words for the fans of Millenium?

pHeoz: We'll try to do better than in the past!

Arcagød: Thanks to Millenium for this chance and to the fans for following us into this new adventure.

shacol0l: We'll do the best we can to show you that we're a strong team, I hope we won't let you down.

Dax: I'm dedicated to all the people who have supported me when I didn't have a team yet and of course to my dear friends.

Naijik: Thanks to Millenium for having confidence in us. A big thanks to our viewers as well, fans and all the people who followed Millenium and who keep eSports alive in France.

Source: Millenium



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