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ESC Gaming line-up changes

By Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere
May 7, 2012 14:32

ImageESC gaming looks to break in to the international scene by adding two more ex-n!Faculty members to their line-up: Steffen 'Humpen' Hentschel and Peter 'GibPfötchen' Gaida.

With their current additions DESteffen 'Humpen' Hentschel and DEPeter 'GibPfötchen' Gaida, German squad ESC Gaming consist almost entirely of ex-n!Faculty players. Not a bad move, seeing how n!Faculty won the ESL Pro Series Spring Season Finals. To make these changes, they did however end their cooperation with Lukas "Luke" Schaefer and Julius "ps1ch0" Wengenmaier.

ESC stated the following on the changes on their official website:

"We are sorry to part ways with Lukas "Luke" Schaefer because he has certainly been responsible for building up ESC ICY BOX in the League of Legends scene in such a short time, and we would like to thank him for it.

But there are two sides to every medal, and we are very happy to welcome the winner of the ESL Pro Series to our squad."

DECarsten 'Raptor' Weber is the new Team-Captain and Stand-in, and here's his statement:

"After a fantastic Finals-weekend with n!Faculty, we are now joining ESC ICY BOX as planned. I hope that in the future we can continue our success, defending our title as German champion and finally break into the competitive scene. Last but not least I want to thank our team at ESC ICY BOX and associated sponsors for their confidence and we are looking forward to a great working relationship."

Current ESC Line-up:

DECarsten "Raptor" Weber: Team-Captain and stand-in
DESteffen "Humpen" Hentschel: Support
DEFabio "NoEqual" Carrozzo: AP-Carry
DEPeter "GibPfötchen" Gaida: Top
DEJonas "Xymii" Majorek: AD Carry
DEDominik "DollaDro" Niepel: Jungle



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