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The end of an era for SK Thorin

By J 'JammeH' M
May 6, 2012 23:31

ImageToday, SK Gaming is sad to announce that Duncan Shields, more commonly known to the international eSports community as Thorin, will be stepping down as our Editor in Chief.

UK Duncan 'Thorin' Shields has played a pivotal part in not only maintaining the SK Gaming website, but leading his team of editors over the past years to tremendous success. Our quantity and quality of produced content has seen new heights under his leadership, including bringing many innovative and exclusive features to SK. His offline coverage has been second-to-none being dedicated, committed and passionate to bring the SK community exclusive interviews, rumours, pictures and opinions.

Duncan has invested incredible amounts of his time on the SK website, at times single handedly producing content or updating events on his own. A large amount of the success where the website is today is owed to him and it is a credit to his dedication and loyalty to SK as an organisation. He is one of the longest standing members of staff, being with us for nearly two and a half years, a testament to his commitment and love for eSports.

Before leaving, we managed to catch up with Duncan for him to share his final thoughts with us:

"After 31 months of service the time has come for me to leave SK Gaming. The organisation has a direction it is headed in and I another, so this is the point at which we part ways and continue on separately. Over that period of just over two and a half years that my SK adventure spanned I invested a lot into the site, in the form of time and effort, but I got a lot back also.

I've taken a lot of satisfaction in having this platform upon which to publish my voice and further the development of my skills, as well as play a part in the aiding the development of others's. I've learned a lot and through the ups and downs I feel as though I'll always look back on my time in SK as a valuable phase in my development personally and professionally.

My motivation to work in the field of esports remains strong and some of you will see me reappear in another role within esports in the future no doubt. My career has always been marked by outrageous good fortune in the opportunities I've been granted and the people I've been able to work with. I've sought to repay that good fortune through diligent effort and the focused application of my talents.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported me at SK, I wish you continued success. Goodbye SK Gaming and the SK community, we had a good run."

SK Gaming has come on leaps and bounds and you will be sorely missed by all - staff and players. Please join us in thanking Duncan for not only adding incredible value to SK, but by giving so much to the gaming community.

From all of us at SK, Good Luck in the future!!



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